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Top 15 public universities in Turkey

Top 15 public universities in Turkey

April 26, 2022
Study in Turkey
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 It is certain that getting to know the 15 most powerful public universities in Turkey will occupy a large part of your mind, when you know that that country, in which there are 200 public and private universities, has 15 universities in a very advanced ranking in the ranking of universities in Europe, and Turkey has become A favorite destination for science students in the Arab world and the Middle East to study in its universities, as it allows us to learn more about Turkish universities and the level of university education there.

Reasons to study in Turkey

To search more eagerly for the 15 most powerful public universities in Turkey, you must first know what makes this country a distinguished place for both study and work, which we will present to you in the following lines:

  1. It is a country that forms a link between the continents of Asia and Europe. It has a strategic location that has made it a distinguished position throughout all eras of history.
  2. The geographical diversity that Turkey witnesses, makes you go through all climatic experiences.
  3. In Turkey, the costs you will have to pay for studying at universities there are low, with great flexibility to study in English.
  4. The Turks are a hospitable and friendly people. You will not face any problem in integrating into their society, learning their language and making friends, and you will not miss the customs of the Arab and Islamic societies there.
  5. One of the most important features of Turkish society is the cultural diversity in it. Of all races, you will find guests in Turkey who live without any problem, as it is an excellent opportunity to learn about the cultures of others.
  6. The food there is very tasty and plentiful around the universities, and transportation to and from the university will not be a problem for you.
  7. Most Turkish universities provide housing for their students, and even in the few cases where this is not available, you can without any problem rent an apartment with another group of students.
  8. The certificate that you will obtain from your university in Turkey is recognized from everywhere in the world, so you will not find a problem to work with it in your home country or even within Europe.

Ranking of the 15 most powerful public universities in Turkey

And now, dear reader, you are ready to present to you the ranking of the 15 most powerful public universities in Turkey, the most important specializations in each of them, and a brief history of each of them.

Middle East Technical University

Under the name of the Middle East Higher Institute of Technology, the Middle East University of Technology was born in 1956, and its campus was established in 1963 in the Turkish capital, Ankara, to be the first university campus in the country.

Within the university, which tops the ranking of the 15 most powerful public universities in Turkey, and occupies the 456th place in the world, there are 107 different master's programs in addition to 69 doctoral programs, in the fields of architecture, literature of all kinds, various economic and administrative sciences, and other disciplines, and the English language is the language of Teaching at the university.

Istanbul Technical University

The second university in the list of the 15 most powerful public universities in Turkey, and the 513th university in the world, with more than 36,000 students from different countries of the world studying in different languages according to the academic specialization.

The university is very ancient, as it was founded in 1773, and students are currently studying the fields of engineering of all kinds, navigation, various sciences, literature, business administration, chemistry, as well as computer technology.

 Bogazici University

The third in the list of the 15 most powerful public universities in Turkey and the 629th in the world. It was founded in 1836 in Istanbul. Its sciences are transmitted in English, and it includes various disciplines of arts and literature, economics, management, engineering, teaching and others.

Istanbul University

The oldest Turkish university is undisputed, founded in 1453, and it occupies in our time the number 710 in the world, and it is a leader in medical specialties, so make it your first destination to study in Turkey if your field is medicine, and if not, rest assured the university includes various other specialties and differs Language of instruction according to specialization.

Ankara University

Center No. 743 is its ranking among universities in the world. It was founded in 1946 in the capital of the Turks, Ankara. It includes various disciplines on the basis of which the language of study is determined, as there are human, veterinary, pharmacy, language, history, geography, political sciences and other fields.

Hacettepe University

It is located in the Turkish capital, Ankara, and was founded in 1967 and occupies the 764th place in the world. It has faculties of law and engineering, medicine and pharmacy, administrative and economic sciences and various arts as well, and the language of study varies according to specialization.

 Anadolu University

It was founded in the same year as Hacettepe University, but it is located in the city of Eskişehir . It is the seventh in the list of the 15 most powerful public universities in Turkey. It includes various disciplines, including space and aviation sciences, business administration, tourism studies and others.

 Aegean University

It is ranked No. 796 in the world. It was established in Izmir in 1956, and it has the disciplines of medicine, pharmacy, nursing, law and all kinds of arts, as well as various engineering disciplines, and the language of study changes according to specialization.

Gazi University

She was born in 1926 in Ankara, and is ranked No. 931 at the level of universities in the world, and there are faculties within the university that teach various disciplines without any exception, as well as many languages are available, and the language is determined according to the academic specialization.

 Koç University

It is ranked number 971 in the world. Founded in Istanbul in 1993, the university has 9 student exchange programs, 6 faculties, 5 higher and industrial institutes, and in English you can study one of 22 bachelor's programs, 32 master's programs and 26 doctoral programs.

 Dokuz University September

It is located in the same city as the Aegean University "Izmir", and it has a good reputation in the medical field in Turkey, as it owns one of the most important hospitals in Turkey. The university teaches in the Turkish language. Besides medicine, it includes the specializations of management, economics, engineering, law and others.

Marmara University

The university, located in the Asian side of Istanbul, dates back to 1883, and has more than 60,000 students studying in 13 faculties, 9 vocational institutes and 31 research centers, and is the only one in Turkey that offers study programs in four languages: Turkish, English, French and German.

 Uludag University

The university was founded in 1982 in the city of Bursa, northwest of Turkey. The university is distinguished in teaching the fields of medicine, various engineering and natural sciences, sociology, as well as the arts.

 Yildiz Technical University

The star that rose in the sky of Istanbul in 1911, and is considered a pioneer in the field of engineering sciences, but there are also 11 different colleges, which teach subjects in English in addition to Turkish.

 Cukurova University

The university, which ranked 15th in the list of the 15 most powerful public universities in Turkey, was founded in the city of Adana in 1973. At the beginning, it included only two colleges, but now it contains 16 colleges and 7 vocational institutes.