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işik university
işik university
işik university
işik university

işik university

Year Founded: 1996
Visits: 633

Ishek University in Istanbul aims to achieve the highest educational quality, manage student talents, adhere to high educational values, modern curricula, as well as professional training programs, which are one of the most prestigious universities in Turkey and are considered one of the oldest educational monuments in turkey.

Global Ranking: 3030

Local Ranking: 104

Initial Price: 1500 $

city: Istanbul

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About Ishek University in Istanbul
 Here's the most important information you need to know about this unique Turkish university:

Where is Ishke University located
 The university has two university campuses:

The main campus is located in the "Shila" area of the Asian section of Istanbul amidst a charming landscape
The second campus is located in the area of "Maslak" in the European section of Istanbul and is considered one of the finest neighborhoods of the city

Training and recreation programs at Ishek Private University
 The University has one of the most powerful training and rehabilitation programs distinguished by the quality of academic education in accordance with international standards:

The University has a range of modern scientific laboratories, halls equipped with the latest advanced technologies, and the university has 37 scientific laboratories.
The university has one of the largest scientific libraries with thousands of scientific and cultural references that are important reference sources for students, with more than 55,000 printed books, about 442,000 e-books, in addition to 248 electronic data, press releases, articles and theses in the thousands.
The university focuses heavily on cultural and recreational activities, with 55 student clubs for various social activities
The university organizes a range of artistic events such as concerts, exhibitions, competitions, seminars and various conferences
The University is interested in developing the sports skills of students, with 19 sports clubs for various sports.

Confessions of Turkish Ishek University                                           
The University is accredited by the Turkish Ministry of Higher Education and is recognized by the following Arab countries:

The university is also internationally accredited by:

MUDEK: Association for the Evaluation and Adoption of Engineering Education Programs

EAQUALS: European Association for the Evaluation and Adoption of Language Education

On a related note, Eshek University has signed a contract with European automakers.