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In Fanar Company, we help you to obtain student residence permit certificate in Turkey, which is the document students should carry throughout the duration of their study in the Turkish universities. We can also help you to renew this certificate, as well as providing all the services that ensure its legal issuance or renewal.

What is the student residence permit certificate in Turkey?

It's an official ID card, issued by immigration presidency in Turkey for foreign students who study in Turkish universities and institutes. This certificate should be renewed every year; it has many benefits, such as:

  • The foreign students will be exempted from some fees and payments.
  • It allows foreign students to live and study in Turkey legally.
  • If the permit is still valid, the student can leave Turkey and return without the need to obtain a new visa.

Who is eligible to obtain student residence permit certificate in Turkey?

This certificate is given to students who study in Turkish universities and institutes, whether governmental or private. Also, it can be given to postgraduate student who study for diploma, master or PHD degree. This certificate covers only the student's study period in the Turkish universities and institutes. It's given to the student only, which means student's family members aren't allowed to obtain this certificate.

What are papers and documents needed to issue student residence permit certificate in Turkey?

You will need the following papers and documents:

  • 4 personal photos.
  • Student's information document or admission document from the university or institute.
  • A copy of the passport, showing the entry or residence stamp.
  • A health insurance certificate covering the study period.
  • Rent contract certified by the notary office.
  • The date of residency application, which is obtained from the website of Immigration Department.

When student residence permit certificate in Turkey is cancelled?

Student residence permit certificate in Turkey is cancelled in the following cases:

  1. Graduation of the student from university.
  2. Expulsion of the student from university and his inability to enroll in any other university in Turkey.
  3. The student committed a crime that harms security and safety of people in Turkey.


  1. In cases number (1) & (2), student can obtain "tourist visa", while in case number (3), deportation from Turkey is the only available procedure.
  2. When a student moves from a university in one state to another university in different state, he should inform immigration departments in both states to change his residence information to the newly moved state. On the other side, when a student moves from one university to another university in the same state, he should only update his data at the Immigration Department.

In conclusion, always remember that Fanar Company cares about you and your comfort during your study in Turkey and keen to protect you from any legal obstacles during your stay in Turkey. So, you should always be in touch with us and don't hesitate to do so.