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 Students studying in Turkey are surely looking for comfortable place that helps them to settle down and focus on their study. In Fanar Company, we are keen to provide multiple options for accommodation with good specifications to our university students in Turkey.

What is meant by "student accommodation in Turkey"?

Student accommodation is the house or apartment that is prepared for the students to live in during their stay in Turkey for the purpose of studying abroad. This accommodation should have many characteristics, such as independence and comfort.

On the other side, student accommodation price in Turkey vary according to many factors, the most significant ones include; location, facilities, size, number of rooms… etc.

To provide a suitable accommodation for student in Turkey

Fanar Company is keen that houses and apartments should have the following advantages:

  1. To be close to public transportation.

  2. To be as close to the university as possible.
  3. Ensuring that accommodation doesn't include an excessive number of students.
  4. Taking effective and high-quality measures to provide comfort and calmness.
  5. Taking continuous hygiene measures and taking care of regular maintenance for the accommodation.

Student accommodation options in Turkey provided by Fanar Company

Fanar Company offers the following options for student accommodation in Turkey:

  1. University accommodation: governmental and private universities in Turkey are keen to provide on-campus accommodation for students. There are many on-campus accommodation options that suit all budgets; so you will find single individual and multiple individual rooms. All needed facilities are available nearby, such as; markets, restaurants, cafes, libraries… etc.
  2. Private accommodation: if you didn't have a chance to get on-campus accommodation, Fanar Company can provide you with a private one which is created specifically for students. In private accommodation, there are many vital services and facilities that students need, such as; room service, laundry, meals, study rooms and internet.
  3. Ministry of Youth and Sports accommodation: it's managed under the supervision of Turkish Ministry of Youth and Sports. Although it's suitable for students with limited budgets, but it should be noted that this option of accommodation doesn't offer all services and facilities found in private accommodation.
  4. Endowments accommodation: it's managed under the supervision of charitable religious organization of great fame in Turkey. Endowments accommodation is low-cost one and is only available in 3 Turkish states (Istanbul, Antalya and Izmir).
  5. Student apartments: one or more students can rent an apartment or even a studio for accommodation throughout the time of their study in Turkey.

In conclusion; at Fanar Company we will help you to get the best and most comfortable accommodation and housing options at competitive prices, which in turn will help you to obtain an appropriate atmosphere for study and success with excellence.