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uskudar university
uskudar university
uskudar university
uskudar university

uskudar university

Year Founded: 2011
Visits: 633

This university is distinguished for its leadership in the field of behavioral sciences and psychology, and the Nep Istanbul Hospital, which is the second largest psychiatric hospital in Europe, is affiliated to it.

Global Ranking: 2753

Local Ranking: 86

Initial Price: 2400 $

city: Istanbul

What do you know about Escodar University in Istanbul
 Here are the most important details you need to know:

Escodar University website
Located in Asian Istanbul next to the Bosphorus in the Escodar region, specifically in the neighborhood of "Alttenzadeh", it has 4 large university campuses, and its locations in:

Three university campuses in Escodar, the main campus, the southern campus and a sub-campus in Escodar Bazaar

Campus in the urban area of the "Faculty of Medicine"
All Escodar University campuses are located at the Asian end of Istanbul

When was the university founded?
The idea of establishing Escodar University was launched in 2011 by one of the most important groups specializing in psychotherapy, neurology and mental health, NPISTANBUL Brain, "Stopping Human and Health Values in Turkey"

What languages are accredited at the University of Escodar?  
 Istanbul's private Escodar University adopts both Turkish and English to teach its curricula for all undergraduate courses.

What is the university's order?
Local ranking: 86
World ranking:2753 

Number of students at Istanbul Escodar University
According to the latest statistics in 2021, the number of university students reached more than 22,000, including a good proportion of international foreign students.

Training and recreation centres at Escodar University
The University implements advanced training programs through several of its centers:

Neuropsychological Hospital
Memory Study Center
Defense Inspection Center
Magnetic induction therapy center
Psychopsychiatric and neurological drug laboratory "the first laboratory in Turkey"
The university also has 50 advanced informants.

It also contains:

Four spacious libraries
swimming pool
Places to relax and calm down

Confessions of Escodar Private University                                     
This university is accredited by the Turkish Ministry of Higher Education and is widely recognized by prestigious European universities and is recognized in each of the following Arab countries:

Student exchange programs in Escodar

The University implements the following student exchange programs:

Erasmus "External Student Exchange"
Farabi "Exchange inside Turkey"
Mawlana "Exchange inside Turkey"

Why choose Escodar University
This distinguishes the university and makes it a suitable destination for foreign students to register for:

A strong university in medical specialties, especially psychiatry
Reliance on modern curricula and advanced teaching methods
Escodar Istanbul University is clearly interested in various fields of scientific research
The university has the perfect educational atmosphere
The cost of studying is suitable for foreigners
The university is located in a quiet area, and the cost of life is simple

Sign up for Escodar Istanbul University
You need to register at Escodar University for each of the following documents:

A picture of the high school diploma  
High school marks detection
Passport photo  
English Proficiency Certificate "Tovel Test" if any
Escodar University website:
Address: Altunizade, Haluk Türksoy Sk. No:14, 34662 Üsküdar/İstanbul

Official website:



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