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Private universities in Istanbul

Private universities in Istanbul

April 26, 2022
Study in Turkey
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Istanbul ranks first in private universities because it includes the largest number of private universities, as private universities in Istanbul are distinguished and preferred by many students from different parts of the world.

In the event that you are one of those who would like to register and study at a private university in Istanbul, you should follow this article. We will provide you with all the answers to the questions that you will need to know the details of private universities in terms of tuition and registration fees.

Advantages of private universities in Istanbul

Private universities in Istanbul are considered among the most important universities in Turkey in terms of their features and being the most desirable destination for students. Among the most important advantages of private universities in Turkey:

  • You can choose the university and city you want to study in.
  • Admission to the university without any entrance exam and with ease.
  • There is a wide variety of university majors
  • University library to study and to borrow scientific books
  • A university restaurant for students.
  • Student celebrations and events.
  • Free transportation on campus.
  • Sports clubs within the university.

How can I enroll in a private university in Istanbul?

International students can register in private Turkish universities , but the method of application varies according to the type of university,

The conditions for registration, the required papers and the way to prepare for registration also differ, as Turkey is an important educational destination for international students, especially for Arab students. Turkish universities are distinguished by a strong academic and research level, in addition to the practical training opportunities that they provide to all students and help them even after graduation.

How to enroll in private universities in Istanbul

The registration system in private universities is also by differentiation, but the student is often accepted in the first specialization he chose, as the university sends the initial acceptance to the student, and after he pays the insurance amount determined by the university in order to confirm the reservation of his seat in the specialty he desires, after sending the final acceptance he can then register in a form Official

The amount of insurance is usually $ 1,000 and is deducted from the tuition fee

Documents required for initial registration in private universities in Istanbul

  • passport
  • high school certificate
  • Transcript
  • Turkish or English language certificate

Percentage of foreign students’ acceptance in public and private universities:

The probability of accepting foreign students in public universities outside Istanbul is greater than their acceptance in universities in Istanbul, as the competition between students is great to enter public universities in them, and the number of students coming to study in Turkey is increasing.

While admission to private universities in Istanbul is easier and with the highest percentage.

Private Turkish Universities in Istanbul

European Istanbul

  • Istanbul Kultur University
  • Bahcesehir University
  • Kadir Has University
  • Istanbul Eden University
  • University of Altınbash
  • Kadir Has University

Asian Istanbul

  • Ozyegin University
  • Istanbul Medipol University
  • Sabanci University
  • Istanbul Okan University
  • Uskudar University

cheapest private universities in Istanbul 2021

Turkey is considered one of the best countries to study in the world, and Turkey has a lot of international students and many come to it every year to learn in its various universities.

The study provides all degrees in Turkish and English as well , in addition to the fact that most certificates from Turkish universities are globally recognized in most countries of the world.

So if you are an international student who wants to study in Turkey, in this article we will show you the cheapest private universities in Turkey and the tuition fees for each of them so that you can choose easily

The cheapest private universities in Turkey and Istanbul:

  • Uskudar University:

Uskudar University is the first Turkish university specialized in health and behavioral sciences, Uskudar University was founded in 2011

It consists of 5 faculties :

  1. Engineering
  2. Communication, Humanities and Social Sciences
  3. Natural Sciences
  4. Medicine
  5. Health Sciences

Tuition fees for the University of Uskudar range between 3,200 - 15,000 US dollars per academic year at the university

  • Sabanci University:

Sabanci University was founded in 1994 and is one of the best universities in the world in general and in Turkey in particular

Therefore, the tuition fees charged by this university compared to the certificate that you will obtain through it are very few , as you will obtain an internationally recognized certificate that you can work with in any country in the world in your field

The study is also available at all academic levels and in various fields

Sabanci University tuition fee of $ 18,540 per academic year at the university

  • Istanbul Aydin University:

Istanbul Aydin University was founded in 2007 in Istanbul by Anadolu bil Vocational College , which has been in existence since 2003 .

Istanbul Aydin University has approximately 40,000 students in its programs each year , and the university has 9 faculties and a technology center built on an area of 175,000 square meters.

The tuition fee for Istanbul Aydin University is $ 6,200

  • Yasar University:

Yasar University was established in 2001 It is located in the city of Izmir along the Aegean Sea

The university offers a number of postgraduate programs within the framework of the Graduate School of Social Sciences and the Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences

Yasar University tuition fee for undergraduate programs is $ 7,000 per academic year

As for Yasar University tuition fees, it is $ 7,000 per academic year

  • Lefke University :

The European University of Lefke was established in 1989 , and their activities officially began in 1990 , that all university departments are accredited by the Higher Education Council of the Republic of Turkey.

This university is considered one of the leading universities in the field of higher education with advanced infrastructure and technology in its facilities.

The university includes 11 faculties, including the faculties of engineering, pharmacy, arts and sciences, law and education.

The European Lefke University tuition fee for undergraduate programs is $ 5,600 per academic year

  • Chankaya University:

Çankaya University was established in 1997 in Akar by the educational institution , this private university aims to provide its students with the best curricula for excellence in their chosen fields of study and this university the language in which is English

The university includes 5 faculties, which are:

  1. Faculties of Arts and Sciences
  2. architecture
  3. Engineering
  4. Law
  5. Economics and Administrative Sciences

- It also includes 23 departments, two institutes and two vocational schools . Moreover , the university also has 28 master's programs in addition to 10 Ph.D.

Çankaya University tuition fee of $ 7,100 per year

Tuition fees for postgraduate programs range between 7,200 - 15,300 US dollars for the entire program

  • Kadir Has University:

Kadir Has University is one of the cheapest universities in Turkey . It was founded in 1997 by the late Turkish philanthropist and industrialist Kadir Has

- Kadir Has University includes 7 faculties after adding two faculties recently, namely:

  1. Faculties of Engineering and Natural Sciences
  2. Telecommunications
  3. Economics and Administrative Sciences
  4. Fine arts
  5. Law
  6. Management college
  7. applied Sciences

The university's undergraduate and postgraduate programs aim to provide its students with the best education in their field of study

The tuition fee for undergraduate programs is $ 12,000 per academic year

The tuition fee for graduate programs is $ 12,000 per academic year.