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Registration in Turkish universities for Syrians

Registration in Turkish universities for Syrians

April 26, 2022
Study in Turkey
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Because of the Syrian war, the Turkish government provided several facilities for Syrians to register in Turkish universities. The war prevented Syrian students from completing their studies in their country and becoming refugees in Turkey, especially since we can advise Turkish universities for their many advantages, including that Turkey cooperates scientifically and culturally with nearly 176 countries. American, European and Asian, and this represents almost 90% of the countries of the world, and this matter draws the attention of foreign students in general and Syrians in particular to studying in Turkey, especially since Turkey provides students around Syrians with appropriate and good special scholarships and facilitates the procedures for entering the country and makes it easier for them to conduct their residency papers.

Registration documents in Turkish universities for Syrians

Registration for new students

  1. The student needs to be registered with the Turkish government and to have a personal identity card or its equivalent in the country, residence permit, temporary protection identity, and alien identification card.
  2. Of course, any student must obtain a high school diploma in order to join the university in any country, and this is the case in Turkey. Therefore, the first thing you need, dear student, is your high school diploma (baccalaureate), then you can apply for a university differential in Turkey, as is known according to your university average.
  3. Some universities in Turkey require you to have a (Tomer) certificate, which is a certificate granted after passing the Turkish language exam and is recognized in all Turkish universities . The university has an exam in the Turkish language, and the exam can vary according to the university. If the student is able to pass the exam, he can study directly in the first year of the university in which he is registered, and if he does not pass it, the university grants him a preparatory year for the language. One of the universities whose curricula are taught in English.
  4. The Syrian (foreign) student wishing to apply for a differentiation to the Turkish University is required to take the YOS test. (If you do not pass the YOS exam, you can take the American SAT exam, which is useful in some universities if the student wishes to study medicine, dentistry or pharmacy).

Registration for completion students

Syrian students who were unable to complete their university studies can complete it in Turkey. Turkey has opened the door for completion for a month of each year, and the doors are opened in the eighth month (August) at its university. All the student has to bring the necessary documents are:

  1. The baccalaureate certificate, provided that it is attested by the Syrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (assuming that the student is Syrian, and if he is not Syrian, it must be certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of his country)
  2. Description of the subjects and a transcript of the student’s marks from the university in which he previously studied
  3. If the student has a Turkish language certificate (if the student does not have this certificate, he will be subject to a language level test at the university he will join, and of course if he does not pass the exam, he must study a preparatory year for the language at the same university if he is accepted there).
  4. A valid passport.
  5. A document proving that the student had studied in Syria (his university card or any other university document)

In this case, the student will not need to take the Turkish YOS or American SAT exam, and then he must adjust his mark to match the university.

ios exam                

It is the examination of foreign students wishing to study in Turkish universities and educational institutions. It is applied to almost all non-Turkish students (foreigners), and it is not like school or even university exams. Its task is to test the intellectual level and intelligence of the student. It does not have a specific date. Each university sets a different date, but all dates can be close, and the period between all universities is between the third month (March) and the fifth month (May) of each year. It is worth noting that the YOS exam is an automated exam, meaning that The answers to his questions are multiple-choice and the EOS exam consists of two parts:

  1. Key Skills Test: The student’s IQ is tested , which is an assessment of abstract thinking that consists of 40 questions and the questions are from various cognitive, cultural and linguistic areas.
  2. Mathematics and geometry test: It consists of 30 questions in algebra, 10 questions in geometry, and depends on the Turkish language, but recently these questions have been translated and modified into English.

Some universities make students apply for the YOS exam free of charge, while others require fees. These fees may vary between 50 dollars (such as Mersin University) up to 100 dollars (such as Istanbul University or Marmara University), depending on the importance of the university in which the exam is taken.

This exam was conducted specifically in Turkish public universities, which are the body that organizes it, but recently some private universities have started to take it with some adjustments in the level of difficulty of its questions. And to join the latter, you have to take its IOS exam.

Turkish private universities

Students who find it difficult to take the YOS exam or do not have the time to prepare and study it are licensed to apply to private Turkish universities, and the latter has been lenient with Syrian students greatly and in many respects. Also, these are some universities with the subject amendment clause, which is an essential item in Turkish public universities, knowing that private Turkish universities are recognized by the Turkish Higher Education Council (YUK) and some of them have international privileges and an international ranking as one of the best Turkish universities and one of the best universities in the world. There are universities that have won She receives American and British privileges , which, of course, increases the value of her degree and opens up work opportunities for her graduates in several international countries .

Documents required for registration in private Turkish universities

Higher education bodies in Turkey require the person wishing to join their universities to have a valid passport. Because of the facilities made by some Turkish universities and commissioned by the Turkish Higher Education Council (YUK), the student no longer needs to possess a valid passport, and it is sufficient for the student to carry an ID. Issued by the authorities of the Turkish authority, as the student must be registered with the government entity in order to be able to join its private or public universities and that his identity be valid and issued by the concerned authorities (residence permit - foreigners identification card - temporary protection identity)

It is worth noting that Turkey issued a decision exempting Syrian students from paying any fees during the morning shift, which starts from nine in the morning and ends at four in the afternoon, and in the evening period, which starts from one in the afternoon and ends at ten in the evening, and students can receive lectures even on holidays (Saturday and Sunday) the student must pay annually a symbolic installment equivalent to $500, to be paid in the form of installments.

In this way, we have told you about registration in Turkish universities for the Syrians and have provided you with information that is useful to you in the various different stages, taking into account the smoothness and simplicity of the narration and your precious time. We hope that we have provided you with everything useful and we have answered your inquiries.