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Tomer Exam in Turkey

Tomer Exam in Turkey

April 26, 2022
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Because of Turkey’s development in the field of higher education, many foreign students have applied to study in it. It is a condition for their acceptance in Turkish educational institutions that they obtain a certificate of the Tomer exam in Turkey. Recently, Turkey received about 170,000 students, and this number is in the year 2021 and it is increasing annually, and all this is a result Turkey advances in higher education, develops its curricula, and keeps pace with the latest developments in science and literature in the world, in addition to the facilities that Turkey provides to foreign students, including comfortable university tuition, scholarships, and advantages for foreign students.

What is the TOMER exam in Turkey?

Tomer exam in Turkey aims to teach non-native speakers And foreign students speak the Turkish language fluently, also if students wish to study in Turkey and the Turkish word ( TÖMER) ) is an abbreviation of the phrase (Turkish Language Learning Center Türkçe Öğretim Merkezi ) after studying six levels in which the student obtains a TUMER certificate, which is a certificate certified by the Turkish Ministry of Education and recognized in all private and public universities in Turkey. Tomer to Ankara University and it was intended to resemble international centers for teaching the languages of the country. It was established in 1984 in the Turkish capital. It has about 11 centers in the large cities of Turkey. In its early days, it was attended by a small number of students. Today, it is attended by about 60 thousand students annually. Later, the functions of the Tomer Center expanded In it, the Arabic language and many foreign languages such as English, German and French are taught. Tomer's test is conducted throughout the year, and its teachers are Turks who speak only Turkish in the lessons, which enriches the student's audio culture during the lesson.

What are the sections of the TOMER exam in Turkey?

The exam is divided into four sections, and as we mentioned above, the certificate of this exam is a prerequisite for students wishing to study in Turkey. Without this certificate, no student application is accepted, and it is a certificate recognized in Turkey by the Ministry of Education and in all Turkish universities.

Sections of the TOMER exam:

  1. Listening section: Students hear some questions in Turkish, and they are answered in Turkish.
  2. Reading section: In this section, students read a set of different questions and various topics and they are discussed with the lecturer, and this section is more related to Turkish grammar.
  3. Expression section: It is in optional expressive topics. The student chooses the topic that he likes and writes in it from 10 to 15 lines.
  4. Conversational section: a meeting takes place with the lecturers, and this section is like an interview in which they speak fluently about a specific issue and the student must observe the rules he studied.

The student must achieve 15% of each level he studies in order to pass the level.

Tomer exam levels in Turkey

The Tomer exam in Turkey is divided into six levels, from A1 to C2 , and these levels are divided into three stages:

  • Beginner level A1 and A2
  • Intermediate level B1 and B2
  • Advanced level C1 and C2

The duration of study for each level is approximately 5 basis, sale up to 7 weeks , the student attends 5 days a week, and the duration of the class is approximately 4 hours. Of course, the higher the level, the greater the difficulty and the more information is condensed. By the end of each level, the student submits oral and written exams for the level studied by most Turkish universities. Most Turkish universities accept the student if He completed the study of level B2 , but if the student studies up to level C2 , then this certificate is considered a trump card with the student. The following is an explanation of each of the aforementioned levels:

  1. Level A1 : The student studies the Turkish alphabet and begins studying Turkish grammar and some Turkish vocabulary so that at the end of the level the student can express and understand some simple sentences. The certificate of this level considers that the student is still weak in the language and can not be benefited from it yet.
  2. Level A2 : The student studies a number of vocabulary and words to help him understand some of the texts spoken in the Turkish language. Later, the student can form a sentence more complex than the level before him. The certificate of this level considers that the student can benefit from it in some Turkish government institutions.
  3. Level B1 : At this stage, the student is able to express himself and communicate his ideas to others fluently according to the correct rules he has learned and can understand the Turkish language well. The certificate of this level considers that the student can benefit from it in some Turkish government institutions.
  4. Level B2 : At this stage the student can understand the Turkish language, communicate with all groups of Turkish society, read Turkish texts and discuss an issue. The certificate of this level considers that the student can benefit from it in the number of Turkish government institutions, meaning that his options become more available and some Turkish universities accept this level.
  5. Level C1 : Some Turkish universities also require this level to study at. At this level, the student is able to read a Turkish magazine or a Turkish book and communicate with people easily. Certificate of this level is accepted in all government institutions and all Turkish universities.
  6. Level C2 : It completes the student's knowledge of the Turkish language and completes the previous level, in which the student has mastered Turkish as his mother tongue.

Additional information about the Tomer exam in Turkey

  • Teaching the curricula is by specialized Turkish professors.
  • Tomer is studied at any branch recognized by the Tomer Center or by distance learning centers.
  • The courses last for 12 months of each year, except for public holidays and holidays.
  • 25% discount for Turkish Embassy employees
  • 25% discount for people of Turkish origin and residing in Asian countries.
  • 25% discount for those coming to Turkey for university studies.
  • 25% discount for non-Turks married to Turks.
  • 25% discount if two brothers register in the same position.

Tomer Center Branches

The main center is Kizlay branch The branches of Ankara and Istanbul are the largest, and the Tomer Center is spread in seven major Turkish cities and the headquarters of its official branches are:

  1. Kizlay Ankara Branch
  1. Istanbul Taksim Branch
  1. Kadikoy Istanbul Branch
  1. Izmir Branch
  1. Bursa Branch
  1. Antalya branch
  1. Alanya Branch



The cost of the Tomer exam in Turkey

The cost paid for registering the student in the TOMER exam in Turkey varies according to the center in which the student studies and attends the center’s certificate. Also, the cost may vary according to each level. The lowest cost is about 900 Turkish liras, which is equivalent to 94 US dollars, but in general, the cost is a maximum of about 300 dollars For one level, some centers accept to pay the wage in two sections. If the student fails in one of the levels, he pays half the value of the level in which he failed, 150 dollars, in the event that he wishes to re-study the level he did not pass.

In this, we have informed you about everything you might ask about regarding the Tomer exam in Turkey, and we have provided the necessary information and put ourselves in your place to be able to understand the written material.