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Comparison of public universities in Turkey

Comparison of public universities in Turkey

May 26, 2022
Study in Turkey
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If you have completed your high school studies in Turkey or abroad, you need to wait for the issuance of the differentiation of public universities in Turkey in the event that you wish to enroll in one of Turkey’s public universities, because studying at a public university in Turkey has its advantages as well, because life in Turkey is attractive for students from all over the world, as In this article, we will talk about the differentiation of public universities in Turkey and how to enroll in them.

Advantages of studying in Turkish public universities

All students from all over the world want to study in Turkish universities because of the advantages that interest students, and we mention them

  1. The distinguished teaching staff holds the highest scientific ranks, which increases the quality of the university and grants the student what he desires of scientific progress in addition to the possibility of providing research and laboratory studies and everything that may be needed to complete the study successfully.
  2. Cultural diversity in Turkish universities, where we find students from all over the world, each of whom carries the civilization of his country, which broadens the horizons for all students to learn about all different civilizations.
  3. and sufficient paper and electronic libraries with research references are available in universities, in addition to halls served with visual and communication means that help students to overcome obstacles to conducting research.
  4. Reasonable study costs It is known that European universities are expensive, and here we find Turkish universities, especially public ones, that provide you with acceptable prices.
  5. The degrees of Turkish public universities are recognized in many countries all over the world, which facilitates the process of completing education in the event of a desire to obtain a master's or doctorate degree from outside countries or a desire to work.
  6. Turkish public universities are ranked among the best universities in the world, so they are among the most desirable universities.
  7. College students have many benefits such as discounts including transportation, food, and other amenities.

The best Turkish public universities

If you would like to apply for the differentiation of Turkish public universities, you should be careful in choosing the university you would like to apply to, as there are approximately 200 public universities that vary among themselves in terms of level and advantages.




Most Turkish public universities do not care about the high school average, but they need to take an admission test for the university in addition to the YOS test . Among these public universities we mention

Middle East Technical University

It is one of the best Turkish public universities, founded in the capital, Ankara, in 1956. This university specializes in scientific and engineering research in Turkey and the Middle East. It is the first in the local ranking, and globally, it comes in the 475th rank. At the level of Asia, it ranked 13th. This university is characterized by a large area with The various services it provides to students, as well as distinguished study programs.

Istanbul University

This public university is considered one of the oldest universities in Turkey and is ranked sixth among Turkish universities. It has 22 colleges and 12 campuses and is distinguished by its large and accredited teaching staff.

Yildiz Technical University

It is one of the distinguished universities that occupies the 14th place among Turkish universities and the 1000th in the world. It specializes in technical studies, and contains 11 colleges and 51 undergraduate study programs .

Applying for the differentiation of public universities in Turkey

What the differentiation means for universities is that you submit an application to register at a university based on the conditions it offers that differ between universities and the application is usually free of charge, except for some universities that impose low wages, and although the details of the conditions differ from one university to another, there are some conditions that It can be mentioned and

  1. Obtaining a high school diploma, as a high school diploma is required (translated and certified) and most universities do not care about the degree average, but they may require their own entrance exam.
  2. Having a passport or residence.
  3. Obtaining a certificate from the certificates usually required by universities, such as the IOS certificate .
  4. The student must be a foreigner or hold a second nationality other than Turkish.
  5. SAT test which may be required by universities and which is an international high school diploma.

When applying to the differentiation, it is necessary to carefully review the conditions required to achieve it and to abide by the dates for submitting the comparison by following the university’s website. There are also some universities that offer one comparison and others offer more than one comparison until all students are confirmed where students are accepted in stages and the odds of acceptance vary Students are transferred from one university to another according to the required conditions and some factors that we mention among them

  1. The YOS Wallet certificate is a certificate that is required by most Turkish universities, but the number of applicants is large, so we find that some universities require obtaining an Ali average in the exam, depending on the required branch.
  2. Depending on the number of students applying for selection, the university may want to choose a specific age for students, preferring younger students.
  3. Diversity of nationalities affects the choice as well, as universities prefer diversity in the nationalities that are applied for, and therefore cannot accept a large number of students of the same nationality.
  4. The desires mentioned in the differentiation, where the differentiation of universities includes the student’s choice of several branches he wishes to study, and these desires differ from one university to another. Here, the university may agree to certain desires without others among what the student offers, depending on the number of similar desires that the students submitted to them and their compatibility with the available seats in the University.

If you are one of the lucky ones who have been approved after applying for the differentiation of public universities in Turkey, you must move to the second stage, which is the stage of registration at the university, and here you must complete the application by submitting the following documents

  1. A copy of the passport.
  2. Personal Photos.
  3. University acceptance letter.
  4. Evidence that the student has paid the university installment due.
  5. Secondary school certificate translated and attested.
  6. Translated and certified statement of marks.
  7. Turkish language proficiency document in case the education is exclusively in the Turkish language and often the Tomer exam is required.
  8. Most universities require the IOS test.


comparison of public universities in Turkey

The student can apply for differentiation and registration after approval through several methods

  • It is possible to apply electronically through the website, and here the student must pay close attention to the dates in terms of the time for applying for the comparison and the dates for applying for the second and third comparison, if any, in addition to the dates for registration and installation. E-mail on a daily basis and this method is usually free.
  • Applying through an approved office, where you should pay attention to choosing a reliable office with experience in applying, and here the tracking of appointments and papers becomes the office’s responsibility, but this method includes a lot of costs.
  • and websites This method does not differ from offices, but this method provides a large number of platforms, some of which may be specifically specialized in studying in Turkish, as well as contain some costs that may reach 200-300 dollars.

Studying in Turkey is the dream of many students from all over the world who are eagerly waiting every year to choose public universities in Turkey, not only for the advantages of education, but also for the benefits of life in a charming country like Turkey that offers many facilities for its residents, especially students.