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Study Fashion design in Turkey

If you are a design enthusiast and want to study fashion design in Turkey, then in this article we will provide you with the most important information that you need to know on your study journey, and here we will mention the most important details necessary from the duration and language of the study in addition to the features and conditions that must be met in order to be able to study in Turkey Finally, we will mention the average costs of being able to study fashion design
Fanar Study Company wishes you the best of luck
An overview of studying fashion design in Turkey:
Fashion design is one of the distinguished specialties in Turkey, and the number of students wishing to study it is increasing in abundance, because the garment industry is one of the most important industries in Turkey and the demand for graduates of this department is constantly increasing, and it is a mainstay that supports drawing and design talents, so the academic study of fashion design Very important for them to enable them to rely on a scientific basis in the development and development of their talent.
Language of study and number of years:
This specialization is taught during 4 academic years, and you can choose the language you want to study in, either English or Turkish, and you need a TOEFL or TOMER certificate to prove your proficiency in the language, or that you will undergo a language test and if you cannot pass it, you must study an additional preparatory year so that the number of years of study is 5 years
Graduate job opportunities:
 The job opportunities for graduates in this field vary, and you can choose the appropriate opportunity for your interests and interests. One of the areas of work in this field is:
Contracting with companies and working in fashion design for them
Create your own brand and start your own business
Academic work in the field and its teaching in universities
Work as a consultant and provide advice in the field of fashion and fashion
Working in a fashion show
Work in corporate management and supervision of designs and quality
Conditions for studying this major in Turkey:
In studying fashion design, you have additional conditions besides the basic conditions for studying in Turkish universities.
First, you must pass the admission test for studying this specialty, in which the student's drawing and art skills are tested
Successfully pass the secondary stage, whether in Turkey or in your home country
An average of at least 80% in high school, but private universities may be able to study the specialization at a rate of 60%, and the acceptance rate varies from year to year, so you can contact Fanar to study and inquire
Having a TOEFL or TOMER certificate, depending on the language you want to study in, or you can study a preparatory year
Obtaining the initial acceptance, and Fanar will help you to study without any fees by sending the required documents, which we will mention to you later
Pay the first university installment to be able to get the final admission
Obtaining a visa and traveling to Turkey to complete registration and then start studying
Advantages of studying fashion design in Turkey:
  And because of Turkey’s great interest in the clothing industry, as it is considered one of the most important industries in it, it is also interested in teaching this field and offers the best features in it, the most important of which are:
Extensive job opportunities in Turkey and many magazines that guarantee you a job opportunity after graduation
Universities contain fully equipped workshops with the best technologies and the finest tools for direct practical application
Turkish universities are considered one of the most important universities in the world specialized in teaching fashion design
Low costs in Turkish universities relative to the rest of the world
Supervision of the educational phase by distinguished teaching staff at the level of international universities
Costs of studying fashion design in Turkey:
 The costs of studying fashion design in Turkey are very low and proportionate, estimated at about $ 3000 only, and it can be reduced or increased according to the university in which you study and its location, in addition to whether registration is in the rebates period or not.

At the end of this article, we hope that we have answered all your inquiries about studying fashion design in Turkey, and that we have included all the benefits, conditions and costs of the study.

Advantages of studying Fashion design in Turkey

What are the conditions for studying a Fashion design in Turkey

Study conditions Fashion design in private universities in Turkey. You must have a high school diploma 50% at least.
Having a TOEFL certificate or its equivalent to study in the English language. The presence of a Tomer certificate or its equivalent to study in the Turkish language