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Universities costs to study artificial intelligence engineering

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Study artificial intelligence engineering in Turkey

The specialization of artificial intelligence engineering in Turkey is receiving remarkable attention from the Turkish government and a great demand by Turkish and foreign students, as it is one of the majors that have a great importance today and a greater concern in the future.

Advantages of studying artificial intelligence engineering in Turkey

In this article, we will mention the most important information about this specialization, where we will start with an overview of it, the admission requirements and the required documents, down to its features and the value of its fees.

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An overview of artificial intelligence engineering:
Looking closely at this major, you will find that it combines computer science, electron, software, and industrial engineering, all of which are the basis for the success of any robot.

Artificial Intelligence Engineering prepares students to be comprehensive specialists in developing and solving problems in various health, industrial, economic and military sectors.

The study of this branch in Turkey takes 4 years, where the focus in the first stage of study is on teaching students the basics of programming and how to design and program the automated structure, while in the last stage the focus is on artificial intelligence processes.

It is worth noting that Turkish universities allow studying this specialization in Turkish or English, and if the student is not fluent in the language of study, he can learn it in the preparatory year offered by private universities before studying the specialty.

What are the admission requirements for Turkish universities to study artificial intelligence engineering?
If you have made your decision to study this major in a Turkish university, you should know that you must fulfill a set of conditions, which are:

Success in secondary school and achieve the required rate to study artificial intelligence engineering. (The rate varies from university to university and from year to year, so contact Fanar to study and inquire about this point).
Obtain a certificate proving your proficiency in English or Turkish. (if any)
Obtaining initial acceptance from the university.
Pay the required initial installment.
Obtaining a Turkish visa and traveling in order to complete registration and start studying.
As for the documents to be submitted, they are:

A copy of the high school certificate.
Mark sheet statement.
A copy of the passport.
After you fulfill the above-mentioned conditions, you can start studying artificial intelligence engineering in Turkey.

Features of studying this major in Turkish universities:
Studying artificial intelligence engineering in Turkey has many advantages that attract international students to choose Turkey as the ideal place to study this major, including:

Turkish universities have modern curricula and are interested in the professional aspect that focuses on graduating experts in artificial intelligence engineering.
Universities in Turkey provide research laboratories equipped with the latest technologies and equipment so that students can train in a distinctive way.
Turkish universities depend on a highly qualified teaching staff through which they ensure that the curricula are taught in the best possible way.
Students who wish to complete postgraduate studies are given the opportunity to receive grants and discounts.
Artificial intelligence engineering has wide job opportunities with high incomes in many Turkish companies and institutions.
What is the cost of studying Artificial Intelligence Engineering in Turkey?
There is no fixed fee for studying university majors, as it varies according to the state you want to study in, the fees determined by each university separately, and of course the discounts available at the time of registration.

However, in general, registration fees in public and private Turkish universities range from 5000 to 9000 US dollars per year.

Here we must point out that the cost of studying this major in Turkey is much lower than studying at any other university in the world.

Thus ends our article, which focused on the most important disciplines in the future, "Artificial Intelligence Engineering", where we explained what it is and the conditions and fees required to study it.

What are the conditions for studying a artificial intelligence engineering in Turkey

Study conditions artificial intelligence engineering in private universities in Turkey. You must have a high school diploma % at least.
Having a TOEFL certificate or its equivalent to study in the English language. The presence of a Tomer certificate or its equivalent to study in the Turkish language