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Study visual communication design in Turkey

Turkish universities include many students to study visual communication design annually, for many reasons and features that will be the focus of our article for today, so we have dedicated this article to you, to highlight the most important details, such as the cost of studying and the advantages of this specialization in Turkey, and also we talked about job opportunities after graduation. .
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Overview of the Visual Communication Design Study

Visual Communication Design is considered one of the emerging innovative disciplines, as a result of major developments in human societies, and ways of life that have become based on digital intelligence and advanced technology. Delivering a meaningful message to the public, and the specialization of visual communication has many areas in Turkish universities, including:
Networking field.
The field of maintenance related to communication devices such as telephones.
Studies and research centers as well as the field of satellites and control.
Domains and institutions concerned with providing Internet services.
Programming and software field.
The strength and importance of the effect of eye contact is more effective than that of verbal and written communication.

Study duration and language

The duration of studying this specialization in Turkey is 4 years, and as for the language of study, you can study in Turkish or English, and one of the wonderful features in Turkish universities is that it gives the student a preparatory year to be able to one of the Turkish or English languages
Job opportunities after graduation

After graduating from the Visual Communication major, you will have many job opportunities that are in great demand today, including:
Work in advertising agencies
Work in marketing companies
Web and Application Design
Work as a graphic designer in offices, advertising companies and press offices
Work in the field of designing brands for companies and organizations

Conditions required to study visual communication design in Turkey

There are a set of conditions that students applying to Turkish universities must meet, which are:
Having a high school diploma with a minimum average of 50%.
The rate required to study visual communication design varies from state to state.
Possession of a degree in one of the English or Turkish languages, but it is not a prerequisite at the beginning of registration, as Turkish universities give you a preparatory year to master one of the two languages.
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A copy of the passport.
A copy of the secondary school certificate translated and certified by the Notre.
Photographs of the applicant.
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Advantages of studying visual communication in Turkey:

Students in Turkish universities enjoy a wonderful package of advantages, including:
Graduates from this major are able to achieve many successes in various fields, thanks to the strong scientific curriculum they have undergone.
Work in many fields, which have a high average income.
Turkey always strives to develop its curriculum so that its students can gain many experiences in different fields, such as computers, design, and others.
Providing Turkish public and private universities to study visual communication design in one of the Turkish or English languages.
Turkish universities have enormous technical information and advanced equipment to help students develop themselves.
Turkish universities seek to create an interactive and cultural environment among students by organizing workshops.

The cost of studying optical communication in Turkey

The costs of studying this major vary from state to state and even from university to university, but the average cost ranges between 3000 to 9000 US dollars annually.

At the conclusion of our article, Al-Fanar Study Company wishes to inform you of all the important details that you would like to know about studying visual communication design in Turkey, including terms, advantages and tuition fees.

Advantages of studying visual communication design in Turkey

What are the conditions for studying a visual communication design in Turkey

Study conditions visual communication design in private universities in Turkey. You must have a high school diploma 50% at least.
Having a TOEFL certificate or its equivalent to study in the English language. The presence of a Tomer certificate or its equivalent to study in the Turkish language