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Universities costs to study Business Management

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Study Business Management in Turkey

In this article, we will present important information about the business administration specialization in Turkey, as we will mention to you the basic information about this specialization in addition to the prices and costs of studying it in the Turkish states. Business, such as the conditions that he must achieve and the advantages that await him if he studies this specialty, and we have guided him with all the details he needs.
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A glimpse of the business administration specialization in Turkey

Specialized in Business Administration
Business administration is one of the disciplines that is modern in its emergence, as the existence of this specialization has developed in the twentieth century an unprecedented development in defining the concept of management in general, and this development is due to philosophical ideas that are related to administrative concepts, and business administration depends on a set of principles and foundations. And scientific theories, which are concerned with the behavior of employees, and the factors that affect this behavior, and are also concerned with the work environment and the factors of employee development professionally.
Languages ​​of study major in Turkey
The business administration major is one of the leading majors in Turkey, which ranks high in the rankings as the best universities in the world. Turkish public and private universities also allow studying this major in Turkish and English, and mastering one of these two languages ​​is a prerequisite for study, so universities The specialization provides the opportunity to study a preparatory year in which the student studies the language before starting to study the specialization.
Advantages of studying specialization in Turkey
Turkish universities are interested in being in the ranks of international universities in the study of all disciplines, and were able to achieve this in the study of business administration, and one of the most distinguishing features of studying this specialization in Turkish universities is that these universities provide the student with practical training in a number of important Turkish companies, as well as It provides theoretical and practical training within the university provided by a number of qualified specialists.
The future of business management in Turkey
As for the future of business administration graduates in Turkey, they will have the ability to work in many sectors such as insurance, pharmaceutical industries, banking services, and retail trade. A business administration graduate from Turkish universities can also work in other fields such as project management, human resource management, and strategy development. They can work in sales management, digital marketing, administrative and financial planning, general management and more.
Conditions required to study business administration in Turkey
The study of business administration is one of the studies spread in Turkey, which is intended by Turkish and foreign students, and before the student decides to study this specialization, he must fulfill the appropriate conditions for him, and among these conditions are the following:
The student obtains a high school diploma in Turkey or his home country.
The student obtains a rate that qualifies him to enter the business administration specialization, and this rate varies according to the university and according to the year in which the student decided to study, and you, dear reader, can contact Al-Fanar to inquire more about this point.
The presence of a certificate indicating that the student has the ability and competence to study in the English or Turkish language, and if this certificate does not exist, the student must undergo a preparatory year in which he studies the language.
The student obtains the initial approval for the study, and he can obtain it by contacting the Al-Fanar company to study after preparing some necessary official documents, which are the following:
A translated and certified copy of the passport.
A certified and translated copy of the high school diploma,
A certified and translated copy of the student's transcript of high school grades.
If any other document is requested, Al-Fanar Company will inform you about it when communicating with it.
Pay the first installments to universities after obtaining acceptance or initial approval.
The student obtains a study visa in Turkey and the actual travel there and start studying.
Advantages of studying business administration
Studying business administration courses in Turkey has a number of advantages that the student must know before and during the study of this major, which are as follows:
Studying the Business Administration major provides a job opportunity for its study in any sector in the labor market.
Studying this major provides an opportunity to assume management positions in all fields.
By studying this specialty, one learns to manage the people he needs in his management of his employees in the future, so he knows how to solve their problems and motivate them.
This major provides an opportunity for extensive practical experience in various fields such as economics, politics, and more.
It makes the individual familiar with dealing with various business such as finance, resource management and public relations with people.
Prices for studying business administration in Turkish universities
The prices of studying this specialty and others at the Turkish university vary between public and private universities, and the university classification plays an important role in determining the tuition fees and costs, and the costs also vary according to the Turkish state in which this university is located, and the average costs of studying business administration in Turkey are from 2500 And up to 3000 US dollars, so studying in Turkey is much cheaper than studying in European universities.

Advantages of studying Business Management in Turkey

What are the conditions for studying a Business Management in Turkey

Study conditions Business Management in private universities in Turkey. You must have a high school diploma 50% at least.
Having a TOEFL certificate or its equivalent to study in the English language. The presence of a Tomer certificate or its equivalent to study in the Turkish language