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Study Cartoon and Animation in Turkey

In this research, we will learn about an overview of studying cartoons and animation in Turkey. Through this article, we will know the conditions and advantages of this branch, in addition to the costs of study, the number of years and the language. It is important to know what papers and documents are required to study this specialty in Turkey. For modernity with Al-Fanar to study

An overview of studying cartoons and animation in Turkey:

A mixture of artistic creativity mixed with the development of technology is the specialization of studying cartoons and animations, animations that are displayed consecutively and very quickly, and through this specialization, animated films are prepared and manufactured, and the development of the digital world allows the creation of high-quality contents and also includes three-dimensional graphics obtained using software An advanced computer, and the course content for this major includes a set of subjects, namely:
Introduction to cartoon
Introduction to economics two parts
art history
Learn the basics of art, part 1
graphic drawing
Learn script writing
The psychology of visual perception
Develop visual graphics and characters in games
building cartoon characters
Game Programming Basics
Animation film production
visual effects design
Language and number of years of studying cartoons and animation in Turkey:
The languages ​​in this branch are English and Turkish.
The number of years of study is four years, and if the student does not have a language certificate, he will be subject to a fifth year

To study the specialty of cartoons and animation in Turkey, great opportunities for graduates in addition to high salaries, as it is a highly required specialization for design and production companies, and in line with the production of development
Job opportunities for graduates to specialize in Cartoons and Animation in Turkey:
Many job opportunities for cartoon and animation graduates, since they are popular with people at the rapid development of the world
Training and painter in rehabilitation centers
3D Painter
Supervising the most important courses in this branch in universities
Faculty member
Professional advertising designer
Designer and trainer for private companies
technical advisor
Graphic designer
Work in the electronic series industry
Work in design companies

What are the conditions for studying cartoons and animation in Turkey?
A set of conditions must be met by the student who wants to apply to study cartoons and animation in Turkey, including:
For Turkish government universities, success in Turkish or English language
A high school diploma, the rates differ from one university to another
Master the language or study it for a year in order to master it
There are universities that give scholarships on the basis of high average
Private universities are satisfied only with an average of 50 percent and language proficiency
Documents required to study cartoons and animation in Turkey:
A set of papers required for registration in the specialty of cartoons and animation in Turkey must be available from these papers and documents:
A copy of the secondary certificate, translated and certified
A picture of the mark sheet
A copy of the passport
It is important to have an English or Turkish language proficiency certificate
Al-Fanar Study can assist you in obtaining initial acceptance from the university by submitting the documents we mentioned above, without adding any fees to the student.
Features of studying cartoons and animation:
Many advantages of a branch in Turkey that you must know
Special Animation Sections
During her studies, practical skills are developed
Technical production courses
Courses to develop artistic and creative sense
Students are taught to draw and design from primitive to 2D and 3D
Job opportunities are abundant
Qualified cadres in universities
Developed applications in this field in Turkish universities
The costs of studying cartoons and animation in Turkey:
The tuition fees for this branch in Turkey are not high compared to other countries
For private universities, the premiums range between 3000 and 5000 US dollars
Some universities offer grants to students, and the number of grants may reach a large number of students
With this, we may have finished our article about studying cartoons and animation in Turkey after we provided the most important information about this specialty, whether in terms of job opportunities, conditions or advantages of studying this specialty in Turkey

Advantages of studying Cartoon and Animation in Turkey

What are the conditions for studying a Cartoon and Animation in Turkey

Study conditions Cartoon and Animation in private universities in Turkey. You must have a high school diploma 50% at least.
Having a TOEFL certificate or its equivalent to study in the English language. The presence of a Tomer certificate or its equivalent to study in the Turkish language