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Study child development in Turkey

We have prepared for you below the most important information about studying child development in Turkey, starting with an overview of this specialization, in which we will talk about the duration of studying the specialization, language and its most important fields, then moving to the salary range of this child development graduate, where we will inform you of the conditions necessary for his study in Turkey, and with Knowing that we will give you most of the features of this major, and the average costs of studying it.
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Overview of Child Development Study in Turkey

It is a specialty affiliated to the College of Health Sciences, which works on the psychological and emotional development of a person from the time of birth until the end of adolescence, as the treatment will not be the same but differ from one child to another, to work on developing humans from the stage of dependence to the stage of independence, where it focuses on the health side of the child, It mainly teaches medical sciences and organ anatomy. It also takes a basic character in child education and treatment, and includes attention to the child's suffering from social and psychological problems.
This major provides many job opportunities for graduates, and a good income, so child development is witnessing a great demand for study.
Language and duration of study
This major provides study in Turkey in the language that the student is fluent in, where he can choose between the two languages, either Turkish or English.
But for the number of years of study, it is four academic years for a bachelor's degree in Turkish universities if you have a language certificate.
And the number of years can become five if you do not have a language certificate, as you undergo a preparatory year first.

The most important fields available to a graduate of this specialty
The Child Development Department is one of the specializations that provide many job opportunities for a child development graduate, as he can work in the following fields:
Work in public or private hospitals.
Teaching assistant at the university.
Counseling centers.
Child Branch Directorates.
Health centers.

Conditions for studying this major in Turkey

Admission to Turkish public universities depends on:
Passing one of the two tests, either the Turkish “EOS” test, or the American “SAT” test.
Having a high school diploma according to the rate required by the university.
Possess a language certificate, and in the absence of it, the student is subject to an additional year of preparatory study.
Admission to private Turkish universities:
It does not require any conditions, it is sufficient as a minimum average of 50% in the secondary certificate.
A certificate that proves your proficiency in the language in which you want to study.
Contact Fanar to study to obtain initial admission, without any fees for students, by sending the required documents:
A copy of the high school diploma.
A picture of the mark sheet.
A copy of the passport.
We will contact you if there is any other document that is required.

Features of studying child development in Turkish universities

Child development is considered one of the specializations in Turkish universities for several reasons, including:
The abundance of specialization and high-level needs in Turkish universities.
Turkish universities are distinguished by their interest in practical application.
The United Nations Prize for Global Education proves the competence of Turkish universities
Turkey provides a welcoming environment for students as Turkish universities provide advisory services to acclimatize foreign students to life in Turkey.
Most Turkish universities have university housing separately for each university.
Turkey provides special and cheap tariffs for students to benefit from transportation within and outside the city.
The campus includes entertainment, cultural and sports facilities, you will enjoy being a student in Turkey.

The average costs of studying in Turkish universities

The average cost in Turkish public universities is about 350-850 USD.
In private universities in Turkey, the average tuition cost per year is about 3000-8000 US dollars.
It is worth noting that Turkey is the most suitable for studying in terms of cost, as studying in it is cheaper than European universities.

We have come to the end of the article in which we explained to you all the details about studying child development in Turkey, where we started with a glimpse of this specialization and included the language and the duration of studying child development in Turkey, and then the conditions and advantages, and we also talked about the cost of studying it.

Advantages of studying child development in Turkey

What are the conditions for studying a child development in Turkey

Study conditions child development in private universities in Turkey. You must have a high school diploma 50% at least.
Having a TOEFL certificate or its equivalent to study in the English language. The presence of a Tomer certificate or its equivalent to study in the Turkish language