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Universities costs to study culinary art

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Study culinary art in Turkey

For lovers of cooking and preparing delicious food, we will provide you in this article a comprehensive guide about studying the art of cooking in Turkey, where we will start with a simple overview of this specialty, passing through its advantages, terms of admission and study fees as well. the right place.
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A glimpse into studying culinary art in Turkey
Who said that cooking is easy and simple and is nothing but preparing some ingredients and following the method of preparation to the letter, in fact that is not the case, as the method of cooking differs as cultures differ from one country to another, and culinary art is one of the modern specialties that shows the ingenuity of the chef in choosing the contents and ingredients and ending with In the manner of serving food and a touch of innovation and creativity in it, it mainly aims to teach students how to invent new, unconventional dishes to graduate a professional chef who is able to prove himself wherever he is.

Number of school years and language required
An expert chef certificate can be obtained in Turkish universities after studying four years, an estimated 240 hours, in addition to a mandatory internship for about two months according to the Royal Academy of Culinary Arts, in which students learn more than food preparation, as they are trained in all the skills and knowledge necessary to prepare a cook Professional, creating unfamiliar dishes and developing well-thought-out diets
As for the language of studying culinary art, one of the two languages ​​can be chosen, Turkish or English, and in some Turkish universities, a language proficiency certificate such as “YOS” or “SAT” may be requested, or replaced by an additional preparatory year.
Job opportunities for a culinary arts graduate
Although the main job is limited to preparing food, there are several other jobs that culinary art graduates can obtain, which are:
Head Chef who manages the kitchen of international restaurants and hotels
 Controller responsible for food and beverage costs and side expenses
Responsible for managing banquets for overseas missions and senior officials
 Assistant in planning and designing kitchens according to what suits their workers
Consultant in diets and calculating calories for each dish
The possibility of opening training courses and courses specialized in culinary arts and its secrets
 Entering the industrial sector and obtaining a prestigious job in food factories

Conditions for studying culinary art in Turkish universities

The conditions required to study culinary art differ according to the university, but in all cases, it requires some psychological specifications such as: possessing a sense of creativity and mastery, enduring chronic work pressure, accepting criticism, careful observation, attention to details, organization and always striving for the best. As for university registration, it requires:

Success in secondary school, whether in Turkey or in any other country
 Achieving the required rate, which is approximately 55%, that is, most successful people can enter this specialty with ease.
 Obtaining a certificate proving proficiency in the Turkish language, such as “YOS” or the English language, such as “TOEFL”
 Achieving the initial acceptance conditions, and Al-Fanar Company can assist you in this by attaching all papers and documents that include:
A certified copy of the high school diploma
- A copy of the transcript of grades
- Scanned copy of passport
Other documents can be requested, which we will inform you about when you contact us.
Advantages of studying culinary art in Turkey
When studying this major in Turkey, the student is qualified to lead a successful and professional restaurant team by combining practical culinary skills with modern management lessons.
Get plenty of real-world work experiences in the best restaurants and hotels in the country during your college years
  The possibility of enrolling in specialized courses in the arts of decorating and catering according to the academic quality programs that are held during the summer holidays by most private universities to take advantage of the holiday in a way that develops and enhances skills.
 A study and practical environment full of stimuli and challenges and there is no place for boredom, where periodic competitions and competitions are held in the students' home to cook innovative and first-of-its-kind dishes.
 Possibility to travel to different countries and always learn new languages ​​through university scholarships that aim to learn the cultures of other countries and practice uncommon cooking techniques
 The design of the College of Culinary Art in most universities in Turkey is unconventional that combines the educational aspect and the practical aspect, as the eastern and western kitchens, sweets and side dishes vary so that the student can know all the details of cooking without exception with all seriousness and realism of work.
Prices for studying culinary art in Turkish universities

There is no fixed scale for the costs of studying culinary arts in Turkey, as prices vary according to several services and advantages of the university, such as:
The Turkish state in which the university is located
The university's rank in the list of Turkish universities
- Whether or not the registration is during the rebates period
The average range of prices is estimated between 2800-8000 dollars for one academic year, which indicates that the cost of studying culinary art in Turkey is reasonable when compared to the costs of studying the same specialty in European countries such as France and America, where annual fees amount to tens of thousands of dollars.
At the end of today’s article, in which we learned about the study of culinary art in Turkey, with all its details, features, conditions and costs of study, we hope that you have enjoyed with us, and we note that Fanar Study Company is ready to answer all your questions around the clock, hoping that you will obtain the expected benefit.

Advantages of studying culinary art in Turkey

What are the conditions for studying a culinary art in Turkey

Study conditions culinary art in private universities in Turkey. You must have a high school diploma 50% at least.
Having a TOEFL certificate or its equivalent to study in the English language. The presence of a Tomer certificate or its equivalent to study in the Turkish language