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Study health care management in Turkey

In this article, we will provide you with an explanation of the most important information about the study of health care management in Turkey, where we will inform you of all the details about studying this specialization, starting from the conditions that must be met for the student to be able to study to the advantages that encourage you to study and the end of the necessary costs, and thus we have answered all inquiries What can revolve in your mind about specialization
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About the Study of Healthcare Management in Turkey
This specialization is one of the newly developed specialties in Turkish universities. This section has been opened in universities based on the need to organize, control and manage the facility and medical organizations in the health sector with the necessary efficiency through the use of advanced technologies, optimal resource management and supervision of the workflow of these institutions. The need to open this specialty has arisen after the great development in the field of medicine, in addition to the significant increase in the number of hospitals and health institutions, and students tend to study this specialty in Turkey without the rest of the world, as studying in Turkey is characterized by the strength of the academic curricula and the modern academic atmosphere, in addition to Practical training offered by Turkish universities to students
  Language and number of years of study
This specialization is taught in Turkish universities in the Turkish language, and study in English is only available in one university, which is the Near East University in Turkish Cyprus. the language
As for the years of study, this specialization is taught in 4 years, and if the student is not proficient in the language, he studies an additional preparatory year

Job opportunities for graduates
Ministry of Health
Hospitals and other health care institutions
rehabilitation centers
Academic work in universities
Research centers and institutions that provide home health care services
Consulting companies
Health insurance companies and NGOs working in the field of health
Industrial companies producing medicines and medical devices in health research centers

Conditions for studying this specialty
In order to be able to study this specialization in Turkey, there are some conditions that must be met, in addition to some procedures that Fanar Study will help you to perform. These conditions are:
Successful completion of high school, whether in Turkey or in your home country
The presence of a certificate of proficiency in the English or Turkish language, and in the absence of it, an assessment test will be taken
Obtaining the initial admission, and you can get it for free without fees through Fanar to study. All you have to do is send us the required documents
Pay the first installment to get the final acceptance
Obtaining a Turkish visa to complete the registration process and start studying
A copy of the high school diploma
A picture of the mark sheet
A copy of the passport
Any other document that may be required we will let you know when you contact us

Advantages of studying this specialty in Turkey
Studying in Turkey provides students with many advantages that push many students to study in it, and studying this specialization in Turkey is distinguished from the rest of the world in several aspects:
Guaranteeing a job opportunity after graduation, as the specialization is new and the need for it is increasing in all parts of the world, especially Turkey
The costs of studying this major in Turkey are relatively low compared to other countries
Turkish universities provide training and practical applications in hospitals that will help you to enter the labor market immediately after graduation
Turkish universities offer advanced academic curricula
A distinguished teaching staff of the best specialized teachers
Turkish universities offer many scholarships that you can take advantage of and save some of the burden of tuition costs

Costs of studying healthcare administration in Turkey
The costs of studying the health administration major vary according to several criteria, first: the state in which the student studies, second: the university and its arrangement, third: the period in which the student registered whether it was a discount period or not
But in Turkey, the costs of studying this specialty range between $ 3000 - $ 5000 in private universities, while public universities have costs between $ 400 - $ 1050

Here, we have provided you with the most important details that you should know about the health care management specialization in Turkey, by mentioning an overview of the specialization and the most important conditions, advantages and costs of studying it, and Fanar will not hesitate to study with your help and answer more inquiries.

Advantages of studying health care management in Turkey

What are the conditions for studying a health care management in Turkey

Study conditions health care management in private universities in Turkey. You must have a high school diploma 50% at least.
Having a TOEFL certificate or its equivalent to study in the English language. The presence of a Tomer certificate or its equivalent to study in the Turkish language