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Universities costs to study Diet and Nutrition

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Study Diet and Nutrition in Turkey

If you are wondering about studying diet and nutrition in Turkey, we are pleased to tell you that you will find all the information and details in this article, by providing information about this specialty, the number of years of study in it, the conditions for admission and the papers required to register in it, in addition to mentioning the advantages of studying this specialty. in Turkey than in other countries.
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An overview of the study of diet and nutrition in Turkey

The specialty of diet and nutrition has flourished in Turkey in particular, because it is one of the first countries to separate this specialty from other medical specialties, in order to become a single university specialization in itself.
Turkish universities have also supported this field in terms of educational, professional and applied aspects, through a set of educational programs that met international quality requirements, within the framework of providing specialized cadres capable of raising the concept of nutrition among the ordinary citizen.

Language and number of years of study
International students can study this major in Turkish universities in one of the Turkish or English languages, provided that the student possesses a certificate proving his mastery of one of the two languages.
The duration of studying nutrition and diet in Turkish universities is 4 years, and it is divided into 8 semesters in which basic sciences, professional courses and chemistry are studied, in addition to a number of other programs.

 Job opportunities available to graduates
Diet and nutrition graduates get the opportunity to work in all public institutions and private sector companies, which include the following:
Food Marketing Services
diabetes units
Shipping services
Air transportation services
Enteral and parenteral nutrition support groups
Elderly care homes
Schools and Kindergartens
Public and private treatment institutions for inpatients and non-residents
Rehabilitation units
Oncology units
Kidney care units
Sports club hotels
slimming centers
Implant units
food factories

Conditions for studying diet and nutrition in Turkey

The conditions of private universities in Turkey are easier than those of the government, so that private universities do not require a specific rate for university admission, but rather only the secondary certificate, and add to it some conditions related to language only.
As for public universities, they require a rate that varies from one university to another, in addition to the student's proficiency in one of the languages ​​of study of the specialization, and the presence of evidence of that.
It is also necessary to obtain the initial acceptance from the university, which Al-Fanar can help you to study without any additional fees to the student, by sending the required documents, which are:
A copy of the secondary school certificate, certified and translated
A copy of the transcript, certified and translated.
A copy of the applicant's passport.
TOEFL Certificate of Proficiency in the English Language or TOMER Certificate of Proficiency in the Turkish Language.

Advantages of studying diet and nutrition in Turkey

The study of this major in Turkish universities, whether governmental or private, is characterized by several features that distinguish it from other universities in other countries, namely:
Rely on highly experienced and distinguished cadres in this field.
Study the major in either Turkish or English, which makes it easier for international students.
Sophisticated educational programs that keep pace with everything that is modern, especially scientific studies in European and American universities.
It provides many job opportunities for graduates, which are characterized by high average salaries.
Providing job opportunities in government institutions.
They can work independently in Turkey by opening their own clinics.

Costs of studying diet and nutrition in Turkey

The value of the costs of studying this specialty in universities is due to several factors such as the status of the university, the quality of education in it, and the state in which the university is located, but the estimated value of studying diet and nutrition in government Turkey ranges between $ 450 - $1150 annually, which is less than the costs of neighboring countries .

Through this article, we provided you with detailed information about studying diet and nutrition in Turkey, where we explained to you an overview of the specialization, job opportunities and admission requirements in Turkish universities, and what distinguishes the study of specialization in Turkish universities from others.

Advantages of studying Diet and Nutrition in Turkey

What are the conditions for studying a Diet and Nutrition in Turkey

Study conditions Diet and Nutrition in private universities in Turkey. You must have a high school diploma 50% at least.
Having a TOEFL certificate or its equivalent to study in the English language. The presence of a Tomer certificate or its equivalent to study in the Turkish language