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Study graphic design in Turkey

The study of graphic design in Turkey has witnessed a great demand in recent years, and this specialization is considered one of the vital disciplines, as it has become one of the most important and best options that exist due to the increasing need for it in the labor market, and Turkey is considered one of the best countries to study graphic design, and for several reasons we mentioned in In this article, we explained to you all the necessary details.

An overview of studying graphic design in Turkey

The graphic design major is linked to the ability to innovate and create, so Turkey is considered the first destination for students wishing to study this major, because Turkey is one of the countries of art and diverse cultures, in addition to the excellence of its universities with developed technological capabilities, and has prepared practical exercises to create professional designs, and also provided its students with workshops Specialized in printing, design and sculpture, in addition to photography studios, and prepared summary exercises to strengthen students' skills in innovation and creativity.
The graphic design student receives several basic courses, including:
Art education.
art history.
Visual contact.
Photography for advertisements, colors and fonts.
and design elements and drawing.

Study duration and language

The duration of studying a graphic design major in Turkey is 4 years, and the student is given a preparatory year to be able to master one of the English or Turkish languages, if he does not have a language certificate.

Job opportunities after graduation
After graduating from the Graphic Design major, the fields of work are very open to you, as you can work in several different fields, and jobs will be available to you.
Among the areas you can work in:
Film & Photography Studios
Advertising and graphic agencies
cartoon movie field
Website and mobile app design companies
free job market
Conditions required to study graphic design in Turkey

The student must have successfully completed the secondary stage with a minimum score of 50%.
The rate required to study graphic design varies from country to country.
Possession of a degree in one of the English or Turkish languages, but it is not a prerequisite at the beginning of registration, as Turkish universities give you a preparatory year to master one of the two languages.
Al-Fanar Study Company provides you with an initial admission without any fees to the student. All you have to do is send the required documents.
The required documents:
A copy of the high school diploma
A copy of the mark sheet
A copy of the passport
You will get final acceptance when you pay the necessary dues to the university.
Advantages of studying graphic design

Turkish universities offer many advantages to their students in studying graphic design, and the most important of these advantages are:
The presence of studios equipped with the best technology
Exercises to strengthen students' skills in innovation and creativity
Very highly qualified cadres
It gives students, during their study years, the opportunity to train in an advertising agency in Turkey
Students are offered sculpting and printing workshops
Turkey has the best developed scientific curriculum in this field

The cost of studying graphic design in Turkey

The fees for studying graphic design are considered average wages compared to other European countries, ranging from $3,000 to $11,000 in private universities, and sometimes universities give large discounts to students, but if you receive grants, the fees are below.
Turkey's prices for studying this specialty are very competitive for European and Arab countries.
We came to the conclusion of our article after we told you all the details about studying graphic design in Turkey, the advantages, conditions and tuition fees, and if you need any inquiries, you can contact Al-Fanar to study.

Advantages of studying graphic design in Turkey

What are the conditions for studying a graphic design in Turkey

Study conditions graphic design in private universities in Turkey. You must have a high school diploma 50% at least.
Having a TOEFL certificate or its equivalent to study in the English language. The presence of a Tomer certificate or its equivalent to study in the Turkish language