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Study audio in Turkey


After there are many questions about the study of audiology in Turkey, this very important specialty that everyone is wondering about, we have dedicated this article to highlight all the details and information of studying this specialty in Turkish universities, with a focus on the conditions and advantages of joining it and the total cost of affiliation to it, to be This article is a comprehensive and comprehensive guide provided by Fanar to study for every student who wants to study a bachelor's degree in audiology.
Al-Fanar Study wishes you all the best.

An overview of the study of audiology in Turkey

It is also called audiology and speech, and it is a modern specialty affiliated to the newly established College of Health Sciences. The specialist with a certificate in audiology studies works on treating these cases, assessing the level of hearing impairment and balance, identifying hearing disorders to rehabilitate the injured and employing all modern medical and technological means to treat various hearing problems.
 This specialization has received special care and great attention in terms of field training and practical application simultaneous with theoretical lectures, with the aim of graduating audio and speech specialists who are able to treat every disease condition, no matter how accurate and scientific it is. The Turkish government provides great job opportunities for audiologists and speech pathologists, whether Inside or outside the country, given the scarcity of licensed specialists to work in this specialty on the one hand, and the nature of work that requires great positive energy on the other hand.

Language and number of years of study
The specialization of audiology and speech can be studied in both English and Turkish according to what the university student chooses, and some private universities require a certificate of proficiency in the language that will be differentiated, such as: “EOS”, “TOEFL”, “IELTS” and others, and in the event that the student does not obtain any Of these certificates, he answers to enroll in the preparatory year that precedes the study of the actual university specialization and is intended for those who are not fluent in the language of study approved at the university.
The duration of the study of audiology in Turkey is four years, during which the student focuses on studying the auditory system, balance, details of pronunciation, hearing disabilities and related diseases, after which he can join the two-year diploma program to obtain an audiometry license.

Job opportunities available to graduates
We have previously mentioned that the graduates of audiology and speech are ranked among the most sought-after graduates locally and internationally because the newness of the specialization and its scarcity abroad made it a requirement that everyone is looking for. Among the most important job opportunities for audiology graduates are the following:
Specialist in audiology clinics in hospitals
Supervisor of government campaigns for early detection of hearing impairment among students of schools and various educational institutions
Qualified to work in private education and rehabilitation centers
Expert in hearing aid production centers
University professor of audiology and speech
Researcher at Hearing Applications Research and Science Centers

Conditions required to study audiology in Turkey

In addition to the psychological qualities and skills that must be available in the audiologist, such as communication skills, patience and not giving up in dealing with patients who need a lot of attention, there are several conditions that are required to join Turkish universities in this specialty, which are:
Success in high school, inside or outside the country, with a rate of at least 80% if you want to enroll in public Turkish universities, but in private universities, the acceptance rate varies ((contact with Al-Fanar to study to find out the acceptance rate for this year))
Most Turkish universities require a certificate of passing the Turkish Aptitude Test (YOS) or the American Aptitude Test (SAT).
Submit a study visa application to Turkey to reserve a seat at the university and complete the registration procedures
A set of documents that you can submit to Al-Fanar Company to guarantee initial admission to the university you wish to join, which are:
A copy of the high school diploma
A copy of the passport
2 selfies
A picture of the mark sheet

Advantages of studying hearing and speech in Turkey
There are several advantages of studying audiology in Turkish universities, which are:
A humanitarian profession that renews the desire for life and life among many patients who have lost their hearing, and the specialist helped them to restore it
The possibility of opening a medical clinic or an independent health center by obtaining a license to practice the profession of audiologist
Various job opportunities are required in all health and extension centers in every place and time
 Very high salaries, especially in developed countries, where the interest in these cases is double
Giving the opportunity to study a diploma in this specialty and to work in hospitals
Flexibility in the audiologist’s work schedule, as he can control his appointments according to what suits him
The costs of studying audiology in Turkish universities

The cost of studying audiology in Turkish universities is estimated at $5000 annually, and this cost is subject to change as a result of several factors related to the university to be enrolled in, such as: the university’s location, its classification on the local and international scale, the services it provides, the means of transportation and the date of registration if it is Within the period of study discounts or free scholarships.
When compared to the prices of universities that study the same major in Western countries, Turkey is considered the cheapest relatively in addition to that it guarantees access to an appropriate educational environment, strong international curricula, workshops and field tours.
 If you want to study this specialty in Turkish universities, hurry up to contact Al-Fanar to study to provide you with the most important instructions and advice necessary in your university career.
We came to the end of the article after we explained to you the most important details about studying audiology in Turkey, which included an overview of the specialization and job opportunities available for graduates as well as the conditions, advantages and costs

Advantages of studying audio in Turkey

What are the conditions for studying a audio in Turkey

Study conditions audio in private universities in Turkey. You must have a high school diploma 50% at least.
Having a TOEFL certificate or its equivalent to study in the English language. The presence of a Tomer certificate or its equivalent to study in the Turkish language