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Study interior architecture in Turkey

In this article, we will introduce you to important details about studying interior architecture in Turkey, starting with an overview of the specialization, the language of study, and job opportunities for graduates from it, and then move on to mention the most important conditions and advantages that it gives you, and finally the costs that you will need during your studies, with this we have mentioned to you the most important information Which you will need if this specialty is one of your desires.
An enjoyable read that Fanar Company wishes you to study.
An overview of the study of interior architecture in Turkey:
The study of interior architecture is closely related to the architecture that we talked about earlier, as they depend on design, but interior architecture is concerned with the interior design of the building in terms of decorations, distribution and exploitation of spaces in an ideal manner that suits tastes and development, and for those who wish to study interior architecture, it is supposed To have a wide imagination that helps him to explore high-end modern designs.
And studying interior architecture in Turkey is undoubtedly your best choice because of the advantages and great interest Turkey offers in this field
Language of study and number of years:
This specialization is taught in Turkey in the Turkish language, in addition to some universities that allow study in English, but proof of a language certificate is required, whether English or Turkish. Specialization.
As for the years of study, they are 4 years, to which a preparatory year is added in case you do not master the language in which you want to study.
Graduate job opportunities:
Graduates of this specialization are able to work within the companies that are contracted, and the person can also work on an individual basis, and among the companies that can be contracted with are:
contracting companies
construction companies
Environmental design and decoration companies
architecture offices
Conditions for studying this major in Turkey:
Those wishing to study this specialization must fulfill several conditions, the most important of which are:
Successful completion of secondary school in Turkey or in the home country
A high school average of not less than 70% for public universities, and for private universities, it is sufficient to pass at secondary school with a rate of 50%
The presence of a certificate of proof of TOEFL for the English language or TOMER for the Turkish language, depending on the language in which you wish to study
Obtaining an initial admission to the university, and Fanar will help you to study for free, all you have to do is send the required papers
Obtaining the final acceptance after paying the first installment
Secure a visa to be able to travel, complete registration, and then start studying
Documents required for registration:
 A copy of the high school diploma
A picture of the mark sheet
A copy of the passport
If additional documents are needed, we will inform you about them when you contact us
Advantages of studying specialization in Turkey:
Since you have chosen to study interior architecture in Turkey, you will find many advantages waiting for you, the most important of which are:
Turkish universities are the best international universities specialized in the field of engineering
Teaching within universities is carried out by a specialized, strong and distinguished staff at the level of international universities
Universities use the latest and most advanced teaching methods
And because the interior architecture relies heavily on Turkish taste in its designs, the student sees practical applications directly to reality
Relying heavily on practical applications during the study, as the student is assigned to complete projects starting from the first academic year
Providing practical training during the study through workshops held to be able to enter the labor market directly
Costs of studying interior architecture in Turkey:
The average costs range between 3000 and 9000 US dollars, but the costs increase and decrease according to several criteria that must be taken into account, namely:
The state in which you study
university strength
Whether or not you sign up for the grants and rebates period

In this article, we hope that we have mentioned comprehensive details that will help you answer all your inquiries about terms, costs and advantages. You can contact Fanar to study for registration or for more details about studying interior architecture in Turkey.

Advantages of studying interior architecture in Turkey

What are the conditions for studying a interior architecture in Turkey

Study conditions interior architecture in private universities in Turkey. You must have a high school diploma 50% at least.
Having a TOEFL certificate or its equivalent to study in the English language. The presence of a Tomer certificate or its equivalent to study in the Turkish language