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Study International Relations in Turkey

The Faculty of Administrative Sciences and Economics includes several disciplines, among which we mention the study of international relations in Turkey, which we will highlight today, starting with an overview of the specialization and entering into the details that include admission requirements, cost and prices of Turkish universities, in addition to the advantages of the specialization and the information that one wonders. It is reported by every student who wishes to enroll in this specialty.
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An overview of the International Relations major
The International Relations major focuses on the study of all relations and interconnections between all countries, as it constitutes a harmonious mixture of economics, politics, law and social sciences studies at the international level and its dimensions have extended to include cultural, environmental and social aspects as well. The student can study the international relations major in Turkish universities in one of the two English languages. Or Turkish, where he has the right to choose the most appropriate between them. If you are interested in following international news, analyzing international agreements and deducing their tracks, enrolling in the international relations major in Turkish universities is an ideal option, as international educational curricula are relied on within an appropriate atmosphere of theoretical education and practical application that It ensures the graduation of specialists in international relations, who are able to prove their abilities wherever they are found by building a solid academic and intellectual background.
As for the future of international relations graduates, there are dozens of job titles that qualify the graduate to work within and outside the Turkish labor market, including: diplomat, demographic, journalist, economist, political analyst, foreign affairs specialist, research analyst, international lawyer, public relations expert, An employee in embassies and diplomatic bodies, and finally a university teacher in this field.

Conditions required to study this specialty in Turkey
 Success in obtaining a high school diploma in Turkey or abroad for non-resident Turks or foreigners
 The success rate should not be less than 75%, which is an approximate rate that varies according to the year of registration and the university, depending on several variables. Contact Fanar to study to know the acceptance rates for the current year accurately.
 Some Turkish universities require supporting certificates in the “Turkish” or “English” language, such as the YOS certificate or the Chat certificate, as a prerequisite for affiliation to it. In the absence of any of these certificates, the student is subject to a preparatory year at the beginning of his university career.
 Obtaining the initial university admission, if you do not know the starting point in this condition, you can help us through Fanar to study by sending the necessary documents that include: (a copy of the secondary certificate, a certified copy of the transcript, a copy of the passport)
 Pay the university affiliation fee and the first installment
 Completion of travel procedures and obtaining a Turkish visa to join the university in which the student obtained a vacant seat.
Features of the International Relations major
Obtaining a prestigious government job
A graduate of this major can work in ministries, embassies and consulates to enter the international diplomatic corps, which secures material and social stability for him.
Working in the field of human rights
Career work is rarely related to providing assistance and contact with those who need help, but in this specialty this is achieved
- Roam around the world
By putting work in this field, it is possible to move between countries continuously
Expanding political perceptions
This specialization increases political awareness and develops knowledge about foreign affairs
- Interesting content
In light of the permanent global changes, there is no place for boredom in the functions of international relations
Comprehensiveness of issues
The International Relations major discusses social, economic and political issues in all transparency
Prices for studying specialization in Turkish universities
The annual premiums for studying international relations in Turkey vary according to several factors, including:
Ranking of the university at the local and global levels
The Turkish state in which the university is located
Opportunity to get college discounts
However, given the average cost of studying in the field of international relations, it is approximately $ 8000, which makes it an acceptable and relatively low cost compared to European universities that study this university major.

Thus, we have reached the conclusion of the article "Studying International Relations in Turkey" in which we explained all the details about studying this specialization, its cost and advantages. If you want to know additional information or face any other inquiries in this context, you only need to contact us. Fanar company to study to find out the correct answers to all the questions..

Advantages of studying International Relations in Turkey

What are the conditions for studying a International Relations in Turkey

Study conditions International Relations in private universities in Turkey. You must have a high school diploma 50% at least.
Having a TOEFL certificate or its equivalent to study in the English language. The presence of a Tomer certificate or its equivalent to study in the Turkish language