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Universities costs to study International Trade

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Study International Trade in Turkey

Studying international trade in Turkey attracts a large segment of Turkish and foreign students, given the importance of this major at the present time, with the countries of the world approaching each other commercially.
More information about international trade and the conditions for studying in Turkey's universities, in addition to the most important reasons that make you sure of your good choice of the country of study Turkey, and the most prominent universities in which you can study this field with the cost of the annual study, you will find in our article.
We hope you get the most benefit.
An overview of studying international trade in Turkey:
This major falls under the College of Commercial and Administrative Sciences, where the student learns how to deal with the international or global market through market analysis, knowledge of marketing strategies, investment, and other topics.
The number of years of study for the Bachelor's is 4 years, in which many courses are taught, such as
Business Laws, Mathematics, Economics, Accounting Principles, Human Resource Management, Production Management and others.
What are the conditions for studying this major in Turkey?
For Turkish public universities, admission to them depends largely on the availability of the YOS or SAT certificate, in addition to the language test in the case of studying in English, in addition to fulfilling the following conditions:
The student must have successfully completed the general secondary stage.
That the student obtains the required average for admission, which varies according to the university and year of study, so you can contact Fanar to study in order to inquire about this point.
That the student obtains the initial acceptance, and you can request assistance from Fanar to study for free, so you only have to send the required documents.
Prepare a copy of the high school diploma.
A copy of the label.
A copy of the passport.
The student must pay the first installment to the university.
It is worth noting that private universities do not require the provision of conditions to study in them, but it is sufficient only to achieve an average of 50% or more in high school.
What are the main advantages of studying this major in Turkey?
One of the most important advantages of studying international trade in Turkey is its flexibility in the labor market, and its connection to many other fields, such as e-marketing, international relations, economics, and business management, in addition to many other advantages such as:
Learning by a cadre of senior professors of economics and international trade.
Providing practical training within the years of study, which qualifies students to enter the labor market with confidence.
Turkey provides partially or fully funded scholarships to study this major.
The high position of Turkish universities among the world's most prestigious universities.
Turkish universities provide a student exchange program.
The great job opportunities available after graduation due to Turkey's need for specialists in trade, international shipping, and commercial transactions on a permanent basis.
What is the cost of studying this major in Turkish universities?
There are many public and private Turkish universities that allow the study of this specialization, which differ in terms of the annual cost of study, and we will now mention the fees that you have to pay if you want to study in one of the following universities:
Bahçeşehir University: $7900.
Istanbul Bilgi University $6600.
Istanbul Eden University $5000.
Istanbul Okan University 4560$.
Medipol University $3,960.
Istanbul Gelisim University 4000$.
Kultur University $4,930.
Isik University $3600.
Altenbash University $3000.
It is worth noting that the prices of studying this specialization and all specializations in general in Turkish universities are cheaper than the prices of studying in European and American universities.
Thus ends our article, which focused on the study of international trade in Turkey, in which we explained what this specialization is and what are the conditions and fees for studying it, in addition to its most important features.

Advantages of studying International Trade in Turkey

What are the conditions for studying a International Trade in Turkey

Study conditions International Trade in private universities in Turkey. You must have a high school diploma 50% at least.
Having a TOEFL certificate or its equivalent to study in the English language. The presence of a Tomer certificate or its equivalent to study in the Turkish language