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Universities costs to study jewelry design

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Study jewelry design in Turkey

Studying jewelry design in Turkey is one of the most important disciplines, given the importance of Turkish universities and their scientific programs developed in this specialty, so we have dedicated this article to you to introduce you to this specialization more, and we will highlight the most important advantages of jewelry design in Turkey, as well as job opportunities, language and even costs, Al-Fanar Study wishes you an enjoyable reading
An overview of studying jewelry design in Turkey

Jewelery and jewelry design is one of the creative and applied arts specializations, and its study depends on the artistic sense and specialized academic study. Manual design and mixing it with modern technological developments with the help of computers and the study of logic to go in line with the needs of the times
Study duration and language

This specialization is distinguished from others that you can study it in two years, and you will graduate with a diploma in jewelry design, and you can also study it through 4 academic years and you will have a bachelor’s degree. As for language, Turkish universities give you a preparatory year to master one of the two languages ​​(English or Turkish)

Job opportunities after graduation

After graduating from the jewelry design major, the student can work in many different fields, the most important of which are:
Jewelry designer, where the student can work in companies and also independently.
A jewelry factory, and work is carried out in special workshops, including special equipment for this specialty.

Conditions required to study jewelry design in Turkey

There are a set of conditions that students applying to study jewelry design in Turkey must meet, which are:
The student must have completed high school with a good average, and the rate of studying jewelry design varies from state to state.
Note: If you want to know the required rate in your state, you can contact Al-Fanar, and it will give you complete details.
Having an English or Turkish language certificate, and in the absence of it, Turkish universities grant you a preparatory year to master the language.
Al-Fanar Company helps you to secure an initial acceptance, and that will be free of charge. You only have to send us the required documents, which are:
A copy of the passport.
A copy of the high school diploma.
Photographs of the applicant.
You will be able to get your study seat after paying all fees due to the university.

Advantages of studying jewelry design in Turkey

Turkish universities offer the student a set of advantages to excel in this field, the most important of which are:
Turkish universities are globally recognized by the European Union and Arab countries
Turkish universities have a program that grants student exchanges with foreign universities
A keen interest in developing students' skills and integrating their theoretical studies with applied exercises through holding training courses and festivals to support students' efficiency and activities.
What distinguishes some Turkish universities most is that they provide a dual education system where the student can enroll in a specialization he desires in addition to his main specialization.
While studying for the jewelry design major, the student will learn to innovate in order to formulate unique artistic designs, thanks to the training workshops that were held during the study years.
One of the most important goals of Turkish universities is to encourage students through training and application to do the best projects during their studies.

Cost of studying jewelry design

The cost of jewelry design specialization varies from state to state and also from university to university, according to its arrangement, but the average cost ranges between 3500 to 8500 US dollars annually, you may find that this price is high, but it is very competitive for European and Arab countries.

Here, we have explained to you everything related to studying jewelry design in Turkey, and we have shown you the job opportunities available after graduation and the cost, as well as the most important advantages offered by Turkish universities. Al-Fanar Educational Company wishes you excellence and success.

Advantages of studying jewelry design in Turkey

What are the conditions for studying a jewelry design in Turkey

Study conditions jewelry design in private universities in Turkey. You must have a high school diploma 50% at least.
Having a TOEFL certificate or its equivalent to study in the English language. The presence of a Tomer certificate or its equivalent to study in the Turkish language