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Study Marketing in Turkey

Studying marketing in Turkey attracts many foreign students every year, due to what distinguishes this specialization in Turkey from other universities, so we have prepared for you in this article the most important information you want to know about this specialty, which includes language, years of study and the most important jobs for graduates In addition to admission requirements, study features, and cost.

About studying marketing in Turkey

The study of marketing in Turkey receives great attention because it is one of the countries rich in promotional and advertising companies, and it is the ideal destination for businessmen interested in this field, and this will give students the opportunity to see the field of marketing and promotion directly, especially since most private Turkish universities cooperate with different companies to establish Practical and practical exercises for students that give them a deeper view of professional life on the ground.
Marketing is also done traditionally by placing advertisements in magazines and newspapers or through e-marketing through websites by introducing the product and its advantages in order to attract the largest possible number of individuals and convert them from individuals to permanent customers of that company.

Language and number of years of study
Students can study marketing in Turkey in one of the Turkish or English languages, and the language determines the number of years of studying the specialization because it is one of the admission requirements, as the number of years of studying this specialization is 4 years if the student is proficient in one of the two languages ​​and has a certificate to prove it.
If the student does not master the language in which he will study the specialization, he must study it before commencing the four years, and this year is called the preparatory year, so the number of years is 5.

Fields of work for graduates
There are many job opportunities available to students after graduating from the marketing major, the most important of which are:
Work within the field of content marketing, product or company brand.
Working within the field of market movement analysis and forecasting of its changes.
Work as a sales specialist.
Working in the sale of products in full and in part.
Work within all companies and banks.
Working in advertising.
Work as a researcher in the field of marketing.

Conditions for studying marketing in Turkey

Admission to public Turkish universities depends on the student passing the Turkish Aptitude Test (YOS), or the American Aptitude Test (SAT), in addition to having a high school diploma at a rate that may vary between one university and another. Language is also one of the admission requirements, or the student can study it in a preparatory year. Before starting years of specialization.
As for the conditions for studying marketing in private universities in Turkey, it is sufficient to have a high school diploma with a minimum average of 50%, in addition to the language as mentioned above.
It is worth noting that acceptance rates may rise if the university announces a scholarship, in order to choose the highest rates and fill the required vacancies.

Advantages of studying marketing in Turkey

The study of marketing in Turkey is one of the distinguished specializations, for several reasons:
Turkey being one of the countries that contains many companies and markets, made it witness a major movement in local, international and digital marketing.
Turkey is the focus of attention of traders all over the world, which made the study of this specialty in it with practical advantages in identifying the applied fields of marketing.
Turkish public and private universities have given important attention to the study of marketing, through modern programs and expert cadres.
The strength of the educational system and educational programs offered by Turkish universities.
The costs of studying marketing in Turkish universities are lower than the costs of European universities neighboring Turkey.

Marketing study costs in Turkey

The value of the costs of studying marketing in Turkish universities is about 6,600 dollars, while in the universities of Northern Cyprus it ranges between 2400-4000 euros, and it is worth noting that this cost is suitable and attracts many students wishing to study this specialization in Turkey, where the cost is Low compared to other universities.

We have come to the conclusion of our article, Study Marketing in Turkey, after we have explained to you the most important details that you would like to know about the conditions, advantages and costs of studying the specialty.

Advantages of studying Marketing in Turkey

What are the conditions for studying a Marketing in Turkey

Study conditions Marketing in private universities in Turkey. You must have a high school diploma 50% at least.
Having a TOEFL certificate or its equivalent to study in the English language. The presence of a Tomer certificate or its equivalent to study in the Turkish language