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Study Master in Fashion Design Thesis in Turkey

Have you ever wondered about studying a master’s degree in fashion design with a thesis at the universities of Turkey, the capital of elegance and beauty?
And did you want to know the details of registration in this specialization and its advantages?
In our turn, we are Fanar Study Company. In this article, we will provide you with a comprehensive overview of studying a master’s degree in fashion design with a thesis, passing through pivotal information, costs and future job opportunities. Follow us until the end to know the details..

About the Master in Fashion Design Thesis

The study of the Master of Fashion Design includes a thesis that teaches everything new in the world of fashion and fashion, from replacing paper drawings with tablets and the possibility of experimenting with various fabrics on electronic design to reach the best
The master’s attached to the thesis is intended as the preferred study mode for lovers of exploration and deep research in their field of specialization. Completion of the thesis requires writing a scientific thesis as a prerequisite for obtaining a master’s degree. As for the details of studying the specialization and its ramifications, they are as follows..
The language of studying a master’s degree in fashion design with a thesis in universities in Turkey
Most Turkish universities offer the possibility to choose the language of study, either "Turkish" or "English". The student may have to commit to an additional academic year called the preparatory year for language learning if his bachelor's degree is issued by a foreign university.

Number of years of study
The duration of the Master of Fashion Design study with thesis is 3 academic years, during which the student studies advanced scientific courses and expands his research.

Job opportunities and future job titles
A graduate with a master’s degree can occupy many positions and business in the field of fashion locally and internationally, including:
Creating a leading brand and marketing it in the Turkish and international market
Get high profile jobs in famous fashion agencies
Designing fashion and jewelry by contracting with private companies
Marketing of clothes and entering the field of commerce
Work as a designer for various institutions and facilities such as hospitals, schools and various centers.

Conditions required to study a Master of Fashion Design in Turkey

There are a set of requirements that require you to register for a master’s degree in fashion design that most Turkish public and private universities require, including:
Graduation document of the Bachelor of Fashion Design and it may be required to obtain a certain rate (contact with Fanar Company to find out the required rate during this academic year)
Transcript of completed courses
Curriculum vitae and experience certificates
Language Proficiency Certificate
5 selfies
Passport copy
Pay the registration fee and a portion of the annual installment
Proofs of residence on Turkish territory

Advantages of a Master of Fashion Design Thesis in Turkey

Studying a master’s degree in fashion design in Turkish universities has advantages and elements that make it the first study destination for every student who wishes to complete a master’s study, as it is unique from others with the following:
Turkish universities occupy very advanced global positions in terms of teaching a master's degree in fashion design because they select high-quality scientific curricula that compete with the curricula of prestigious European universities.
Providing an educational environment full of stimuli and harmony, especially since the nature of studying fashion design requires group practical workshops and strong social relations.
Most Turkish universities allocate more than 70% of their courses for practical application, avoiding stuffing of unimportant information and focusing on practical skill
Contracting with experienced educational staff and attracting famous designers from all over the world to transfer their expertise to students
Training the master's student on using electronic devices and getting used to them because of the features they provide and safe offices that can be returned to at all times
Giving room for young opinions from students and holding huge exhibitions to absorb their designs, implement them realistically, and evaluate them directly from everyone.

The costs of studying a master’s degree in fashion design with a thesis in Turkish universities

If you are wondering about the prices and costs of studying annually in the Master of Fashion Design, you are in the right place. Approximately $ 8000-13000 per academic year, and this cost is subject to change continuously. You can contact Fanar to study to know the exact details.

With this information, we have come with you to the conclusion of today's article in which we got acquainted with a master in fashion design with a thesis in universities in Turkey and the most prominent details that every student wonders about, if you find in yourself a sense of creativity, visual art and coordination, then you are a candidate for success in this specialty Of course, all you have to do is contact Fanar Study Company to accompany you in the first steps of your university career in pursuit of your goals.

Advantages of studying Master in Fashion Design Thesis in Turkey

What are the conditions for studying a Master in Fashion Design Thesis in Turkey

Study conditions Master in Fashion Design Thesis in private universities in Turkey. You must have a high school diploma 50% at least.
Having a TOEFL certificate or its equivalent to study in the English language. The presence of a Tomer certificate or its equivalent to study in the Turkish language