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Study Master in Fashion Design without thesis in Turkey

Studying a master’s degree in fashion design without a thesis or with it is an advanced stage that many undergraduate students in the field of fashion design aspire to, so what if this study in Turkey is a country of fashion and fashion?!
And we, in turn, will shed light on the study of a master’s degree in this specialization without a thesis in Turkey in all its details, as we have collected all the information that the student needs, starting with the main ideas and conditions for studying the master’s degree, down to the costs and advantages of the branch, and ending with the job vacancies that await the graduate of the Master of Design Fashion, so that we will know all the details you need and answer all your questions.
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About the Master in Fashion Design Without Thesis
The Master’s degree in Fashion Design comes immediately after the Bachelor’s degree. After the student learns the basic fashion arts and its history and training in textile techniques and types of fabrics and necessary supplies, comes the role of professional learning in the Master’s that combines the use of technology and techniques in fashion design and fabric production, in addition to To study several courses aimed at training the student on computer programs for fashion design
Studying a Master of Fashion Design in Turkey is considered the best because Turkey provides all the incentives to study this specialization and provides space for every brand, a pioneer in fashion or a novice, to go into the experience, so that it may reach the world in the future.
As for the language of study and job opportunities available for the holder of a Master of Fashion Design in the country, they are as follows:

Language and number of years of study

You can study a master's degree in fashion design in Turkish universities in English and Turkish, as is the case in studying a bachelor's degree in this specialty as well
In most cases, the duration of studying a master’s degree is 4 semesters, ie two academic years, but in some universities it can reach three years, where the curriculum of fashion design, marketing, detailing, sewing, pattern and others is expanded..

Job opportunities available for the master's degree in fashion design

The study of fashion design is characterized by obtaining immediate employment opportunities immediately after graduation, as the local and international market requires a lot of expertise in the world of fashion and fashion, and fashion designers graduates of Turkish universities are specifically attracted because they are the most qualified in this field, and among the most important job opportunities:
Fashion design independently or within a company
Managing and supervising a fashion house
Work in local and international fashion agencies
Jewelery and accessories design
Brand management or advice
Quality control in retail stores
Entering the field of marketing and creating your own brand

Conditions required to study a master's degree in fashion design without thesis in Turkish universities

Before starting to mention the conditions, it should be noted that studying a master’s degree without a thesis does not require the student to write a scientific thesis, and to search for a long time in many sources and delve into them to get his message, but rather attend theoretical and practical lectures to gain information and practical experience necessary for professional life, and we come to the following study conditions:
Statement of grades for undergraduate courses for the student
The original university graduation certificate attested by the consulate of the student's country if he is studying outside Turkey
Several selfies
Scanned copy of passport
Some universities require a certificate of finding the English or Turkish language
A certain rate can be requested to enroll in a master’s study in some universities, and the acceptance rate can change in each academic year. Contact Fanar Study Company to find out the exact rate for this year.
Finally, there are universities that require a CV and additional certificates obtained by the student during his university career.
Features of the Master of Fashion Design
There are a number of unique things that characterize Turkey's universities and not others, and they are:
Studying the Master of Fashion Design in Turkey is characterized by the fact that the universities that teach it are real workshops ready to work, equipped with the best services and tools that help the student in learning.
The master's degree in this specialization is also characterized by acquainting the student with the study of the labor market and how to plan for the production of a successful fashion collection in the local, European or Asian market.
The field training campaigns for fashion design held by the College of Fashion Design help in graduating a master student who is able to prove himself against any design, no matter how difficult it is.
The fashion design curriculum at the master’s degree is based on the expansion of each of the foundational stages of the fashion design process, passing through the foundations and history of design, types of fabrics and weaving, in addition to keeping pace with current fashion trends and introducing hand embroidery and computer technology to make a single design a consistent and innovative piece of art.
The introduction of fashion design programs within the educational curriculum in the master's degree saved a lot of time and effort for the student, as he has a ready-made library of initial designs that he can modify and coordinate until reaching the desired design.
The master's study provides the opportunity for the student to focus on a specific subject in the field of fashion design, where specializations vary between children's fashion, men's fashion, women's fashion, textile design and accessories design as well.

Prices for studying a Master of Fashion Design in Turkish universities
Tuition fees vary depending on several factors including:
The Turkish state in which the university is located
The strength of the university and its local and global ranking
Additional services and facilities that distinguish the university from others
Obtaining partial or total discounts or grants
Regardless of the factors mentioned above, the approximate cost for one year ranges between 6000-10,000 dollars annually, and compared to the costs of studying the same branch in European countries, this cost is considered relatively acceptable, especially as it provides financial stability

Advantages of studying Master in Fashion Design without thesis in Turkey

What are the conditions for studying a Master in Fashion Design without thesis in Turkey

Study conditions Master in Fashion Design without thesis in private universities in Turkey. You must have a high school diploma 50% at least.
Having a TOEFL certificate or its equivalent to study in the English language. The presence of a Tomer certificate or its equivalent to study in the Turkish language