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Study Master in Interior Architecture without thesis in Turkey


Studying a master’s degree in interior architecture without a thesis in Turkey is one of the most important disciplines that many international and Turkish students accept, because it opens the next steps to the widest doors of art and creativity in their academic and professional life.
In this context, we will get acquainted in this article with a comprehensive overview of the Master of Interior Architecture, starting with the basic information, passing through the conditions and advantages of the Master’s study, and ending with the annual costs and prices, so that Fanar has provided a comprehensive guide for each student who wishes to study the Master of Interior Architecture.
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Overview of the Master in Interior Architecture without thesis

The Master of Interior Architecture combines several aspects, including the external aesthetic form of the building, its coordination, engineering planning, as well as urban design, and it is one of the most popular disciplines by students who are passionate about creativity and realistic application of their creative ideas. It allows its students to highlight their modern designs and apply them on the ground, in addition to providing a modern educational environment and competitive curricula for the most important international universities.
What is the language and how many years of study for the Master of Interior Architecture?
A master’s degree in interior architecture can be studied without a thesis in Turkish universities for Turkish students and residents in the country in both English and Turkish, and some universities require a certificate of competence in one of the two languages ​​as a condition of registration in the master’s program
While the study of all the master’s courses in Interior Architecture can be completed within an academic year and a half, which is equivalent to three semesters, if the study program is without a thesis, as the academic system does not require any scientific thesis or research and deep studies, but rather the student is satisfied with attending theoretical lectures and Field tours, unlike the Master's Thesis program, which increases the duration and method of study.
Job opportunities for graduates of the Master of Interior Architecture
The Master’s Degree in Interior Architecture qualifies to work in several job titles within the private and public sector that secures the financial stability that every architect dreams of, whether in Turkey or in other European and Arab countries, where the job of the architect is the most sought-after job in the emerging countries now and there are many opportunities It works as follows:
Management of home and interior decoration companies
Obtaining a senior position in contracting and architectural consulting companies
Working in the academic field and teaching in Turkish universities
Establishing and supervising practical workshops
Work in the renovation of buildings and national monuments and get a job in several ministries
The possibility of opening an engineering consultancy office to provide advice to clients, offices and supermarkets
Work on urban designs inside and outside the country with a very high income
The conditions required to study the Master of Interior Architecture in Turkish universities
There are a set of basic conditions that most Turkish universities require when studying a master's degree, including:
A certified graduation certificate from the original university, whether inside or outside Turkey
Transcript of the student's university course grades during the study of the undergraduate years
Documents showing the student's residence within the Turkish states
A set of personal photos and one passport photo
There are other conditions that differ between universities and that you may need when registering for a master’s program, which are:
Language proficiency certificate, whether Turkish or English, according to the language of study
Some Turkish universities require a sponsorship document from Turkish citizens
Obtaining a specific percentage in the bachelor’s degree to have the opportunity to study within the master’s program. You can inquire about the required rate for this year by contacting Al-Fanar to study
Finally, some universities require the applicant's CV as a prerequisite for admission.

The advantages of studying the Master of Interior Architecture in Turkish universities
There are many advantages and advantages to studying the Master of Interior Architecture in Turkey, specifically as follows:
There are dozens of Turkish universities that teach the Master of Interior Architecture, and all of them are ranked among the best universities at the local and international levels in terms of the advanced educational environment and the interactive curriculum.
The teaching system based on integrating theoretical information with continuous practical applications. We can say that 90% of the courses within the Master of Interior Architecture program are based on drawing, planning, making models, and going out in field workshops to apply theoretical information.
Turkish universities qualify their graduates, especially those with a master’s degree, to participate in cultural exchange missions and foreign scholarships, to explore eastern and western architectural art in detail and quote from it in Turkey
Incorporating building technology into the teaching plan and educating students on various modern programs that develop their skills in architectural creativity and interior design
Most Turkish universities cooperate with major local and foreign companies to provide job opportunities for their students after graduation and select the elite of them to obtain vacancies immediately after graduation.
Prices for studying a master’s degree in Interior Architecture without thesis in Turkey
Like most other study programs, the cost varies according to a set of variables that can be enumerated according to the following:
The local and international ranking of the university and its location
Study program with or without thesis
Registration during the period of discounts and partial grants or in normal times
Additional services such as housing, transportation, etc.
But it is possible to estimate the approximate price of the program to study the Master of Interior Architecture without a thesis completely, as it ranges between approximately 5000-15,000 dollars, and the correct price cannot be accurately determined until after knowing the status of the student and the university wishing to register in it. If you are wondering about the fees for this semester, contact Al-Fanar for study To give you the correct information.

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Advantages of studying Master in Interior Architecture without thesis in Turkey

What are the conditions for studying a Master in Interior Architecture without thesis in Turkey

Study conditions Master in Interior Architecture without thesis in private universities in Turkey. You must have a high school diploma 50% at least.
Having a TOEFL certificate or its equivalent to study in the English language. The presence of a Tomer certificate or its equivalent to study in the Turkish language