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Study mathematics in Turkey


Studying mathematics in Turkey is one of the best options at the university level, as mathematics faculties are spread in all Turkish states and are distinguished by their scientific research cadres and study environment that is full of cooperation and competition. On the advantages of this specialization and the conditions and costs of joining it, in addition to the most important pivotal information that you should know if you want to study mathematics.
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An overview of studying mathematics in Turkey
Mathematics falls under the list of purely scientific branches, and the quality of its study in Turkish universities is equal to the best international universities. It is the backbone of most modern sciences that have gradually developed and is known as the science of studying abstract structures using logic, mathematical proofs and mathematical notation. It is common for this branch to aim at To perform numerical and logical arithmetic operations, regardless of their complexity, in an accurate and organized manner.
Years of Mathematics and Language Required

The period of time required to study mathematics in Turkey is four years, with the opportunity to enter the field of graduate studies to obtain a master’s degree in many branches that follow the Bachelor of Mathematics. As for the language of study, the required language is “Turkish” or “English”, and the student can be accepted in Most public universities do not take a language test, unlike private universities, which require passing the "EOS" or "SAT" tests in most cases.
Career appearances and job opportunities available for mathematics graduates

There are many jobs and job descriptions that a mathematics graduate can obtain, and if the student is distinguished, he may be appointed to foreign missions to complete postgraduate studies at international universities, but in general, the basic job opportunities fall according to the following:
 Teacher in the educational sector
 Researcher in the fields of planning, statistics and mathematical analysis
 A statistician collects information, prepares statistical data and figures, analyzes them, and then produces the required results.
 An economic researcher prepares feasibility studies in the economic field using mathematical models
 A programmer whose task is to prepare and write programs and applications using computer languages
 An employee in government departments in the accounting, banking, accounting and financial auditing departments
Conditions required to study mathematics in Turkey

If you are wondering about the conditions for joining the college, there are a set of items that must be met to obtain a vacant seat in the Faculty of Mathematics at a Turkish university, and these conditions include:

That you have successfully completed the general secondary stage in its scientific branch inside or outside Turkey
 Obtaining a minimum average of 65% in high school, bearing in mind that acceptance rates vary according to the year of registration, and you can inquire about this point accurately by communicating with Al-Fanar Study Company
 It is important to have a certificate of proficiency in the required language of study, whether it is English or Turkish, as this certificate increases the chance of acceptance up to 50%.
 Submit the required papers and the initial reservation within the desired university. You can use Al-Fanar company in this step without any additional fees. The papers include:
Application form
Original high school diploma and certified copies thereof
- A copy of the transcript of grades
- Passport or ID card
- 4 personal thumbnails
A letter indicating that you have a financial resource to support the costs of the study
Language proficiency test, if required by the university
Letter of recommendation or letter of intent in some universities.

Features of the Mathematics major

There are a number of advantages and advantages to studying mathematics in Turkish universities, including:

The unique educational environment that characterizes Turkey's universities, where many scientific trips to banks and banks are held to see the reality of practical life and keep up with it.
 The possibility of similar transfer to scientific faculties in several Turkish universities is similar to studying mathematics, such as physics, chemistry, engineering, analysis and statistics, and working in related fields.
 A golden opportunity for technology and programming lovers, as it enables the Faculty of Mathematics in Turkey to move towards programming and technology specializations, through mathematical issues that are involved in the development of technological programs and learning different programming languages.
Diversity and abundance of external scholarships offered to mathematics graduates in the fields of finance, education, engineering, science, business administration and mathematical scientific research.
The Faculty of Mathematics in Turkish universities is considered to have a modern origin and a developed infrastructure, which includes many laboratories and devices that enable the student to conduct research and studies on campus.
It provides many and varied job opportunities in many fields where a mathematics graduate can work in several jobs of great importance.

Prices for studying mathematics in Turkish universities

When talking about the prices and costs of studying mathematics in Turkish universities, we find that there are many variables that affect the exact cost determination, most notably:
 The strength of the university and its local and international classification
 The Turkish state in which the university is located
 Additional services provided by the university only
Register for a transportation service or university housing
 If there are discounts during the registration announcement period

Advantages of studying mathematics in Turkey

What are the conditions for studying a mathematics in Turkey

Study conditions mathematics in private universities in Turkey. You must have a high school diploma 50% at least.
Having a TOEFL certificate or its equivalent to study in the English language. The presence of a Tomer certificate or its equivalent to study in the Turkish language