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Universities costs to study Occupational therapy

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Study Occupational therapy in Turkey

If you have decided to study occupational therapy in Turkey, and you want someone to give you the right advice and the best options and take this step with you and take your hand to achieve your dream, we are pleased, through the Fanar Study platform, to present you through this article a simplified idea of ​​this specialty, which falls within the Branches of medicine and health sciences, and you will learn about the fields that he is interested in studying, the job opportunities he offers, the conditions for registration, the papers required for admission to Turkish universities, and the prices and costs for studying this specialty.
An overview of studying occupational therapy in Turkey
It is a medical specialty similar to physical therapy that aims to treat people who suffer from physical, neurological or cognitive problems and aims to rehabilitate them to restore their ability to do their things independently without the interference of others and to exploit and develop their skills in dealing with their sick conditions and give them a sense of confidence and participation in various life activities
Language and number of years of study
Turkish universities provide many advantages that compete with the strongest international universities, for example, at the level of language, Turkish universities allow you to study in one of the two languages, either English or Turkish, with a preparatory year for those who suffer from language difficulties, to be able to master the language and deal better with Study data and more understanding of the curriculum. The duration of studying therapeutic medicine in Turkish universities takes four years, in addition to the preparatory year spent by the student learning the language.
What are the job opportunities available to occupational therapy graduates?
This branch opens many job opportunities for graduates, for example:
At the level of institutions and companies:
A graduate of this specialty works in hospitals, schools, colleges, research centers, nursing homes, and correctional institutions. He can also work in rehabilitation companies, insurance companies, and architectural companies.
Work within government institutions:
The specialist can work at all levels of government advice in the areas of health promotion, prevention of disability, and can work in health professional planning, and development of the international rehabilitation program
Work within the home and community level:
Professionals can work individually i.e. home care, health boards, clinics, prefab homes, community mental health centers, professional programs, community work groups, and workers compensation boards
Conditions for studying occupational therapy in Turkey:
The following are a set of conditions required to study the specialization:
The student must have successfully completed high school, either in his home country or in Turkey
Obtaining the required average for studying the major, which varies from university to university and from year to year,
The presence of a certificate of proficiency in the language of study “English” or “Turkish”, and in the absence of it, the student is subject to a preparatory school year
Obtaining initial admission, and this can be done through Al-Fanar Company to study that helps you in this without fees and in the best public or private universities and provide you with advice.
 The first installment must be paid to the university to obtain the final acceptance, after obtaining the initial acceptance, as prices vary from state to state and according to the university, its strength and position, and also whether registration is within the rebates period or not.
Finally, a Turkish visa must be obtained and then travel to complete registration and start studying

What are the advantages of studying this specialty in Turkey?
Turkey is one of the best countries interested in this type of treatment and is considered a pioneer in it
The study of this type of specialization in Turkish universities is characterized by the best quality of education, as Turkish universities are particularly interested in all medical specialties
Turkish universities have a selection of the most efficient teachers and university doctors
 Turkish universities are distinguished by the presence of many training units to train students in a practical way and qualify them better
It provides a lot of job opportunities for graduates of this department due to the abundance of medical and treatment centers equipped with the best technologies and means.

Costs of studying occupational therapy in Turkey

As for the costs of studying this specialty in Turkey, prices vary according to the state in which the student will study, the type and strength of the university, as well as whether the registration is within a discount period or not. Other universities in neighboring countries.
We have come to the end of the article, and we hope that we have answered your questions and inquiries about studying occupational therapy in Turkey, its advantages and job opportunities, and we hope that we have helped you make the right decision.

Advantages of studying Occupational therapy in Turkey

What are the conditions for studying a Occupational therapy in Turkey

Study conditions Occupational therapy in private universities in Turkey. You must have a high school diploma 50% at least.
Having a TOEFL certificate or its equivalent to study in the English language. The presence of a Tomer certificate or its equivalent to study in the Turkish language