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Universities costs to study philosophy

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Study philosophy in Turkey

In this article, we show you information about studying philosophy in Turkey, starting with an introduction to it, which includes the duration of study and fields of work, down to the advantages and costs, where we will talk in the article about the conditions required to study the specialization in Turkey.
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About studying philosophy in Turkey

 Philosophy aspires to solve all human problems that control human behavior from cognitive problems and moral values. Intervention in such problems is done in a rational debate method through the use of a diverse methodological approach. Therefore, philosophy strives with every effort to acquire knowledge through rational means that revolve around More than a different issue.
Duration and language of studying philosophy
The Department of Philosophy is taught in Turkish universities for a period of 4 years, where these years are divided into 8 semesters.
The language of instruction in most universities is Turkish, but there is an optional preparatory year to study it in a foreign language.

Fields of work for graduates of this specialty
According to studies conducted by the Human Resources Unit of the Turkish Presidency, 46% of the graduates of this major want to work in educational institutions, while 28% of them want to work in the following jobs:
Working in publishing houses as editors.
private education sector.
Work as a writer in the press.
Working with NGOs as consultants.
Work as a psychological counselor in private education institutions.
Work in a psychological assessment center.

Conditions for applying to study philosophy in Turkey

Foreign students are accepted according to the Turkish YÖS aptitude test or the American SAT, in addition to having a high school diploma either in your home country or in Turkey, according to the high school acceptance rate according to the university.
As for private universities, they do not require any conditions, only a high school acceptance rate of 50%, and a certificate of proficiency in the language in which you want to study the specialization.
In addition to the following documents:
Online application form.
A copy of the high school diploma.
passport .
If any other papers are needed, we will inform you of them when you contact us at Al-Fanar Study.

Features of the Philosophy major

The philosophy major in Turkish universities seeks to achieve a number of important goals, including:
Turkish universities are famous for the strength of their educational programs.
There are many job opportunities for this specialty and good salaries.
The cost of studying is low compared to European countries.
The presence of many references within the university libraries to help the student in his love.
Turkish universities include distinguished cadres with experience in preparing curricula and teaching in accordance with international international standards.
Universities in Turkey aim to enrich educational content and exchange experiences with European countries.

The costs of studying the specialization in Turkey

When we talk about the costs of studying philosophy in Turkish universities, we are talking about average wages compared to European universities, where the cost of studying it in public universities in Turkey is about 1000 to 2000 dollars annually.
In private universities, the cost of studying a specialization is about $3,000 to $13,000 per year, but if the student has been accepted into scholarships, he will pay a lower cost.

In this article, we talked about information about studying philosophy in Turkey, where we mentioned an introductory overview and included the duration of study, language and areas of specialization, and then we introduced you to the conditions, then the advantages and costs.

Advantages of studying philosophy in Turkey

What are the conditions for studying a philosophy in Turkey

Study conditions philosophy in private universities in Turkey. You must have a high school diploma 50% at least.
Having a TOEFL certificate or its equivalent to study in the English language. The presence of a Tomer certificate or its equivalent to study in the Turkish language