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Study political science in Turkey


If you want to study political science in Turkey, in this article we will collect all the information and details you need about this specialization, as we will introduce you to a simple overview of the specialization and some of the conditions and advantages that you will get in addition to the costs of studying in Turkey.
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An overview of studying political science in Turkey
It is a branch of the social sciences, and the political science major in Turkey aims to provide students with the knowledge and skills to be able to study academic courses and practical practice that will give them the qualifications required for professional practice and access to jobs in the labor market, and qualifies them for further scientific research and obtaining higher degrees.
Language of study and number of years:
You can study political science in one of the Turkish or English languages, and if you do not have a certificate of proficiency in the language, you must take a language test or you can study it during the preparatory year.
The political science major is taught within 4 years, to which a preparatory year is added if the student is not proficient in the language
Job opportunities for graduates of this major
There are many job opportunities that a political science graduate can work with, including:
free diplomat
Foreign affairs analyst and specialist
Journalist, or news anchor
Political analyst
Working in International Marketing
International lawyer
Conditions to study this major in Turkey
In order to be able to study this specialty in Turkey, there are several conditions:
Certainly, the student must have completed his secondary education in Turkey or in his home country.
The student must obtain the required rate to study political science, and the rate may vary from university to university and from year to year. If you want to inquire about this point, contact Fanar to study.
It is preferable for the student to have a certificate of proficiency in the language of study (Turkish or English), and if not, the student will be subject to a language test
You must also obtain initial acceptance and you can do this through Fanar to study and without fees to the student, you only have to send the required papers
 The student must pay the first installment to the university to obtain the final acceptance.
Obtaining a Turkish visa and then traveling to complete registration and start studying.
Documents required for registration:
A copy of the high school diploma
A picture of the mark sheet
A copy of the passport
If you need additional documents, we will let you know when you contact us
Advantages of studying specialization in Turkey
 We will tell you the most important advantages that you will get during studying political science in Turkey:
The costs of studying this major are considered average compared to the rest of the world
Turkish universities have the best professors in political science as well as international economists
Turkish universities allow their students to apply the concepts of freedom, power and other similar matters through practical study programs so that they can understand the basics of local politics and relations between countries more clearly.
This major opens up wide career prospects for its students in Turkey
The student learns about various topics related to the contemporary political conditions of the current period
Students conduct various political and economic research and present it to experts for their observations.
One of the advantages is that the student can choose the language of study for the specialization, either Turkish or English.

The costs of studying political science in Turkey
 The costs of studying political science in Turkey are estimated at about 7000 US dollars and the costs vary according to the university’s arrangement and location, also registering during the scholarship period will reduce costs significantly
At the end of the article, we hope that we have answered all the questions for those who wish to study political science in Turkey, as we have included for you the most important details of conditions, advantages and costs.
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Advantages of studying political science in Turkey

What are the conditions for studying a political science in Turkey

Study conditions political science in private universities in Turkey. You must have a high school diploma 50% at least.
Having a TOEFL certificate or its equivalent to study in the English language. The presence of a Tomer certificate or its equivalent to study in the Turkish language