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Study Cinema TV Radio in Turkey

 The study of radio, television and cinema in Turkey is one of the disciplines required by students who have talents in the field of acting, directing and television presenting.
In this article, get to know with us an overview of this specialization, then we will talk about the conditions of its study, the advantages that will encourage you to study it, and finally we will inform you about the required annual fees.
We wish you a good follow-up.
An overview of studying radio, television and film in Turkey:
This major prepares students to manage dramas professionally. Students study various theories related to film studies and its history, not to mention the techniques of directing, recording, photography and other techniques required for film and video production.
study years:
The number of years of study of radio, television and cinema in Turkey is four years, but if the student does not have a language certificate, the period of more than one year is considered a preparatory year for the language.
Study language:
Some Turkish universities allow this specialization to be studied in English, such as Bahcesehir University, Istinye University, Kadir Has University and others.
As for the universities that teach him in Turkish, the most important are Kultur University, Gelisim University, Maltepe University, Nisantasi University, and Uskudar University.
Job opportunities available for graduates:
A graduate of this major will find in front of him a wide range of jobs, the most important of which are:
the acting.
Directing all kinds of movies.
Film production.
What are the conditions for studying this major in Turkish universities?
Your admission to a Turkish public university depends on your success in the Turkish aptitude test "YOS", or the American aptitude test "SAT", in addition to a high school certificate at the required rate, which varies from university to university and from year to year, so contact Al-Fanar to study and inquire about this point.
As for the conditions for studying in a private university in Turkey, it is sufficient only to have a high school diploma with a minimum average of 50% in addition to the language.
What are the advantages of studying radio, television and cinema in Turkey?
Here are a set of features that will encourage you to choose a university in Turkey as a suitable university to study:
Turkish universities occupy a prominent position among the world's most prestigious universities.
Turkey's universities have highly experienced teaching staff.
The study curricula in Turkish universities are based on a combination of theory and practice, which helps to develop students' skills and qualify them to enter the labor market strongly.
The job opportunities available to graduates of this major are wide, both inside and outside Turkey.
The average income for the jobs offered by this major is high.
Tuition fees for this major are acceptable if compared to those in European and American universities.
What are the tuition fees required to study this branch in Turkey?
Tuition fees vary according to the state you wish to study in, and the university you wish to apply to.
The fees for studying radio, television and cinema in Turkey are considered medium, ranging between $4,000 and $10,000 in private universities, and scholarships or less.
Here we come to the conclusion of our article in which we mentioned everything related to the study of radio, television and cinema in Turkey, starting from giving an overview of it, its conditions and advantages, to the fees required for its study.

Advantages of studying Cinema TV Radio in Turkey

What are the conditions for studying a Cinema TV Radio in Turkey

Study conditions Cinema TV Radio in private universities in Turkey. You must have a high school diploma 50% at least.
Having a TOEFL certificate or its equivalent to study in the English language. The presence of a Tomer certificate or its equivalent to study in the Turkish language