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Study Islamic Law in Turkey


The study of Sharia in Turkey has gained a high position among university disciplines due to the importance of studying Sharia and various Islamic sciences at this time, and in an effort to spread the Islamic call and the correct teachings of religion and prepare a group of qualified specialists to put a positive imprint in the service of the Islamic community, and the establishment of religious scholars capable of Delivering the correct religious information in the correct manner.

An overview of the study of Sharia in Turkey
The study of Sharia is concerned with knowing the psychological, methodological and philosophical dimensions of belief and monotheism in God Almighty. It also compares and delves into different religions in an enlightened manner. Among the most prominent Sharia sciences in the college is the science of the principles of interpretation, jurisprudence of jurisprudence, hadith and prophetic biography, doctrine and the miracles of the Qur’an, Quranic recitation and obligatory duties.
Turkish universities offer an integrated program for the study of Sharia, characterized by the presence of an educational staff, which welcomes the youth who wish to learn Sharia in detail and opens up broad prospects for them to research, learn and delve into religious sciences.

Required language and number of years of study at the Faculty of Sharia
Although the study of most university majors in Turkey is available in both Turkish and English, the Sharia specialization has a unique position, where Sharia can be studied in Arabic in addition to Turkish and English, since the Arabic language is the language of the Noble Qur’an and is the origin of religion and Islamic law, to find that the student has 3 Options in the language he can choose the most appropriate one
It takes 8 semesters to fully study the Sharia specialization, ie 4 years, to obtain a "Bachelor of Sharia" degree.

Job opportunities available for graduates of the Faculty of Sharia
There are several job titles that a student can obtain upon graduating from the College of Sharia, as follows:
Teaching the Islamic education course in private and public schools
Worked in the Ministry of Religious Affairs and held several positions in the Ministry of Awqaf
Performing religious rites and working as an imam or preacher
 Joining fatwa centers and supervising mosques and religious institutes
 Work in the judiciary, lawyers and notaries public after obtaining a master's degree.
 Go out in religious awareness campaigns and spread Islam in remote countries.

Conditions required to study Sharia in Turkish universities

There is a set of moral qualifications that are required to enter the Faculty of Sharia. The student must be patient, cooperative and tolerant, seeks to constantly develop himself and is able to understand the feelings and thoughts of others, in addition to the material requirements and evidence that include:
Success in secondary school and obtaining an average of at least 60%, and we note that the acceptance rate is subject to change constantly, so you can contact Fanar to study to inquire about the rates for this year.
Some universities require passing the Yös language test, and in the absence of it, the student is committed to an additional academic year called (the preparatory year).
Obtaining an entry visa to Turkey for expatriates and foreigners and completing all travel and residence procedures
 Obtaining the initial approval from the university, and in this step, Al-Fanar Company can assist you to ensure it smoothly by sending the required papers and documents, which are:
A certified copy of the high school diploma
- A scanned copy of your passport
- Transcript of grades certified by the Ministry of Education
Certificate of passing the language test, if any
University application form
We will inform you if we need any additional documents or evidence.

Advantages of studying Sharia in Turkish universities

The specialization of Islamic law is the finest and greatest of worldly sciences. Turkish universities have prepared most of the ingredients to achieve the requirements needed by this branch. The Turkish Sharia colleges are distinguished by the following:
 Selection of a group of the best professors and academic scholars in Islamic sciences from various international universities to obtain their expertise
The offices of Turkish universities contain the most important jurisprudence books, the most ancient manuscripts and Islamic references, which are available and reliable research sources for university students.
Turkish universities in the field of Sharia are working to integrate practical training along with theoretical information to make the student go deeper in his studies and simply transfer the information to him.
The dependence of this specialization in Turkey on discussions and addressing the mind to exchange experience and information without resorting to the traditional method of study based on irrational memorization
The possibility of studying Sharia in three different languages ​​makes it one of the most popular colleges, especially for Arab residents, and this advantage is due to the goal of Turkish universities to spread Sharia and the true religion in all countries without distortion or unintended errors.
The opportunity to complete a doctorate degree to work as an academic professor for all educational levels, in addition to being able to work in the field of justice and law after modifying and describing courses
The Faculty of Sharia in the universities of Turkey is distinguished by moral and religious discipline, whereby all students pledge to be of good character and not to commit immoral acts throughout their years of study, so that this characteristic becomes, of course, one of their indispensable traits in the future.

Prices of studying Sharia in Turkish universities
It is not possible to ascertain fixed prices for all university majors because the costs are subject to change continuously, according to the university’s website and its classification at the level of Turkish universities as a whole, and prices may vary if the student is able to register during the discount period or has a discount for parents affiliated with official unions, but prices usually range Between $5000-8000 per academic year.

Let's get to the conclusion of today's article in which we got acquainted with the study of Sharia in Turkey and its importance, in addition to knowing the most important information about it, its advantages and conditions for joining it, in addition to the prices and costs of studying in this specialty. Al-Fanar tuition company immediately to present Ka

Advantages of studying Islamic Law in Turkey

What are the conditions for studying a Islamic Law in Turkey

Study conditions Islamic Law in private universities in Turkey. You must have a high school diploma 50% at least.
Having a TOEFL certificate or its equivalent to study in the English language. The presence of a Tomer certificate or its equivalent to study in the Turkish language