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Study Translation in Turkey


In this article, we will learn about the study of translation in Turkey, where we will discuss all the details of interest to students wishing to study this specialization, and the adoption of Turkey as the educational destination for its study, and we will explain the advantages offered for this specialization within Turkish universities, the conditions for its study, and job opportunities available to graduates, whether on the ground or from a distance. We will also mention in the article the basic cost of studying.
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An overview of studying translation in Turkey

Translation is defined as the transfer of a text from one language to another while preserving the main meaning. The translation specialization is characterized by being not only an academic discipline, but rather a means of transferring the cultures and sciences of different countries. Translating it in order to give the person to be transferred his full right of clarity and proper transmission and to create effective communication between the translator and the text.
The study of this specialization requires that a person possess a skill in translation methods and theories, and that he should study the entrances and methods of translation in depth. The following are the most important translation specialties available in Turkey:

Academic Translation
medical translation
Legal translation
sworn translator

Available languages ​​and number of years of study
Studies in Turkish universities are conducted in the Turkish language, and some universities offer the opportunity to study in English
Like Istanbul Eden University and Itilim University, there are also universities that can be studied in Arabic and Russian languages
As for the number of years of studying translation, four years, and when entering this specialty, the student must hold a language certificate. Otherwise, universities grant one year as a preparatory year to enable the language.

Job opportunities for translation graduates
There are various job opportunities for graduates of this major in the public and private sectors, and we will mention some of them:

Work in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and embassies
Work in the offices of translation companies
Work in international institutions and organizations
Work in companies
Work in the courts for those who specialize in legal translation
Work in the field of tourism
Work in publishing houses
Working in hospitals
Work in the Ministry of Commerce
Work in the Ministry of Industry
Work in international conferences

What are the conditions required to study translation in Turkey?

There are a set of conditions that the applicant must meet to study this specialty in Turkish universities, which are:
Having a high school diploma, whether in the mother country or Turkey
Public universities require obtaining a certain average in secondary school, which varies from one university to another, while private universities are satisfied with obtaining a minimum of 50%
Admission to public Turkish universities depends on passing a specific test of the target language as well as the transferred language, and the private university does not require this.
Having a certificate of proficiency in English or Turkish, otherwise a preparatory year is required for language proficiency
Obtaining the initial admission to any university of the student’s choice, and this can be done through Al-Fanar to study, which helps you in collecting it without any fees. It is enough for you to contact us and provide us with the required documents, which include the following:

A copy of the high school diploma
A picture of the mark sheet
A copy of the passport
Another document may be needed for registration that the student will be informed of
After obtaining the initial acceptance, the first installment is paid to the university to obtain the final acceptance
Obtaining a Turkey visa and travel to complete registration and study

What are the advantages of studying translation in Turkey?

As we mentioned earlier, the translator needs to have a wide culture and a great knowledge of various sciences and the fact that Turkey is a country that combines European and oriental culture and is the sixth tourist destination in the world, which made it include a mixture of cultures and nationalities in study or tourism:

The diversity of cultures and nationalities has made Turkey a fertile ground for translating languages ​​amidst this diversity
Turkish universities are characterized by high quality of education
Turkish universities graduate batches of students who can compete in the global market
Curricula are flexible because universities offer study programs in many languages
The presence of many translation specializations within the study programs, which gives the student wider options
It encourages students to expand their knowledge horizons by adopting a strategy of development, learning and a love of reading
Offering training courses to improve students' cultural and linguistic competence
Universities adopt a policy of practical training in different institutions
Universities sign cooperation agreements with tourism institutions, companies or television channels to train students more strongly
Turkey offers job opportunities to graduates from the best universities and distinguishes them from amateur translators

Prices for studying translation in Turkey

The study prices for the translation major in Turkey vary according to the size of the market, the region and the experience, as well as the language of translation. The difference in prices is also due to the strength of the university and the state in which the student is studying, and whether the registration is within a period of advertisements for discounts or not, and only if the study is in a public or private university.
On average, the prices for studying this major range from $3,000 to $14,000
It is worth noting that the prices of studying translation in Turkish universities are considered low and acceptable when compared with European and American universities.

At the conclusion of this article, we hope that we have provided a comprehensive and integrated idea about the study of translation in Turkey, the branches of this specialization, the job opportunities for it, and the conditions necessary for its study.

Advantages of studying Translation in Turkey

What are the conditions for studying a Translation in Turkey

Study conditions Translation in private universities in Turkey. You must have a high school diploma 50% at least.
Having a TOEFL certificate or its equivalent to study in the English language. The presence of a Tomer certificate or its equivalent to study in the Turkish language