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Atilim university
Atilim university
Atilim university
Atilim university

Atilim university

Year Founded: 1997
Visits: 633

It is a private university founded in 1997. Located in Ankara, the capital of Turkey. The language of teaching in most programs is English. Education programmes apply within international standards (e.g. ABET 2000). Atılım University was selected as one of the top 401-500 universities in the world in 2016 by the London-based Higher Education Foundation (THE) and received a high rating by many other institutions.

Global Ranking: 2129

Local Ranking: 54

Initial Price: $

city: Ankara

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About Atilim University in Ankara
 Here's the most important information you need to know about this unique Turkish university:

Where is Atilim University located?
Atılım University is located on 250 acres of land in Injic, Gulbashi, one of ankara's newest and fastest-developed residential areas, 20 km from the city centre and 7 km from the highway.

Atelem University Features
The university has a large green space with a natural atmosphere that contributes to the refinement of the psychological atmosphere and prepares it for students.
The university has many specialties in colleges, institutes and postgraduate programs, as well as language and aviation science schools.
The university includes a range of buildings including laboratories and conference rooms, as well as basketball, plane and tennis courts, a swimming pool and a gym.
The University has partnerships with many universities around the world through the Student Exchange Program.

Confessions of The Turkish University of Atilim                                           
The University is accredited by the Turkish Ministry of Higher Education and is recognized by the following Arab countries:

The university is also internationally accredited by:

MUDEK: Association for the Evaluation and Adoption of Engineering Education Programs

EAQUALS: European Association for the Evaluation and Adoption of Language Education

Atilim University has signed a contract with European automakers.

Student exchange programs in Attilim
 The university is a member of the Erasmus Student Exchange Program, which offers ideal opportunities to study at major European universities

The university is also a member of many internal student exchange programs in Turkey with the most powerful Turkish public and private universities.

Sign up for Atelem University
You need to register each of the following documents:

A picture of your high school diploma.
A picture of the high school score detector
A picture of your passport
English Proficiency Certificate "Tovel Test" if any

Website: Kızılcaşar, 06830 8ncek Gölbaşı/Gölbaşı/Gölbaşı/Ankara
Address: Hemps:ew.atilm.edo.ter/n