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Antalya Bilim University
Antalya Bilim University
Antalya Bilim University

Antalya Bilim University

Year Founded: 2010
Visits: 633

The real role that Antalya Belem University is working on is to raise a generation of young people who depend on it to achieve progress for society in all fields, and it is one of the most important Turkish universities, which is characterized by its high-quality study programs

Global Ranking: 6134

Local Ranking: 149

Initial Price: $

city: Antalya

The real role that Antalya Belem University is working on is to raise a generation of young people who depend on it to achieve progress for society in all fields, and it is one of the most important Turkish universities, which is characterized by its high-quality study programs, which compete in quality with the largest international curricula for all university levels, whether bachelor’s, master’s or PhD.

General Information About Antalya Belem University
The Following Is The Most Important Information Related To The Prestigious University: 

Who Founded This University?

The establishment of this university was supervised by the “Gaya” Endowment Foundation, which is an institution specialized in health and sports, and it was chosen from the tourist city of Antalya as its headquarters, and the university was named after the city.

The founding year of the university was in 2010, but the first batch of students entered it in 2012-2013

Antalya Belem Campus

The university has two campuses within the city of Antalya, which are:

  1. Campus in the district: Döşemealtı

It is the main campus, and is characterized by its modern engineering design, with an area of ​​about 300,000 square meters

  1. Campus in the district: Güllük

Smaller than the main campus, but with the same modern technology and no less important.

University's Vision

The university clarified on its official website that it is its vision to be one of the world's leading universities in business studies, and to surpass its peers with advanced scientific infrastructure and high-quality scientific curricula.

Curriculum in Antalya Belem

Antalya Belem Private University has seven faculties of study:

  1. dentist
  2. Engineering
  3. Rights
  4. economics and management
  5. Health Sciences
  6. tourism
  7. architecture and design

In addition to these faculties, the university includes 4 vocational schools, the most famous of which is the Civil Aviation School, which is known to have 14 fellowship programs.

It also includes the following research and training centers:

  1. Comparative Law
  2. Studies of social, economic and political relations
  3. Psychological counseling and guidance
  4. Continuing Education Center

Also from the academic information that must be passed through as well:

  1. The teaching staff of the university: 174 academic members who are distinguished by their experience and competence
  2. The number of students at the university: 3180 male and female students
  3. Percentage of foreign students: 35% of the total number of students

Admissions and Student Exchange Programs

Antalya Belem University enjoys wide international recognition, especially in the European Union countries, which all recognize this university, in addition to the recognition of a number of Arab and Middle Eastern countries and a number of countries in the world.

As for the student exchange programs, they are shared by a number of external and local programs, including:

  1. Erasmus Program
  2. Maulana Program
  3. Farabi program


Advantages of studying at this university

Antalya Belem University is characterized by several things that make it a favorite destination for students, especially foreign students, among the most prominent of these advantages:

  1. The university is distinguished by its strong and competitive curriculum for the latest curricula locally and internationally
  2. The development of the infrastructure of classrooms and laboratories, the use of the most modern tools and equipment, and assistance in achieving the theoretical and practical teaching tasks accurately and professionally.
  3. The university includes one of the strongest academic cadres, who have obtained the highest scientific ranks, and are known for their experience and efficiency
  4. You can study at the university in English or Turkish, and the university provides a preparatory program to learn a foreign language before entering the university
  5. In Antalya Belem, a "dual major" is available, so that the student can study two majors together and obtain two university degrees from the same university at the same time.
  6. The good relations between Antalya Belem University and the best European universities, scientific institutions and associations specialized in many academic and student aspects, all of which benefits the student.
  7. The university recently established a special center for the mouth and teeth and their care, for the benefit of "dentistry" students in the field of training using modern technical means and advanced medical devices
  8. The university housing available at the university is considered one of the finest university housing, and is characterized by its various services that provide the student with a distinguished and quiet life and an atmosphere conducive to study and comfort.

How to register and the necessary papers

Contact Fanar for Study to get all the necessary information for registration, and it usually asks you for some necessary papers:

  1. passport
  2. High school diploma with translation and certification in Notre
  3. Supporting certificates (such as language certificates)
  4. personal photos

Do you want to visit the university


  1. Antalya Belem University website:

عنوان الجامعة: Nudeli Mah. Akdeniz Bulvari No:290 A Dosemealti / Antalya