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T.C. Demiroglu Bilim University
T.C. Demiroglu Bilim University
T.C. Demiroglu Bilim University

T.C. Demiroglu Bilim University

Year Founded: 2005
Visits: 633

Demiroglu Bilim University in Istanbul is considered one of the most prestigious universities in Turkey, which puts in the hands of students all modern educational means to achieve the highest quality in the various fields of research and training. It is also known about the university that it provides the necessary moral and material aid for students to achieve their ambitions

Global Ranking: 7957

Local Ranking: 142

Initial Price: $

city: Istanbul

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Brief information About Demiroglu Bilim University

Here are the most important details about the university:

Where is Demiroglu Bilim University located?

The university's three campuses are located in the European side of Istanbul, specifically in its most prestigious and vital neighborhoods:

  • First Campus: In Sisli District “Esentepe”
  • Second Campus: In Mjidyakoy "Fulya" District
  • Third Campus: In Beyoglu District "Sishane"

What are the languages ​​supported at Demiroglu Bilim University?

Demiroglu Bilim University adopts the Turkish language in its curricula along with the English language in many university disciplines.

Number of Students at Demiroglu Bilim University

According to the statistics issued by the university, in 2021 the university received more than 2,500 students

Training Programs at Demiroglu Bilim University

The university takes a great interest in training and entertainment programs that increase students' comfort, develop their intellectual and practical skills, and refine their expertise in the fields of specialization they study at the university.

The university is affiliated with the "Florence" Hospital in Sisli, which is a specialized heart transplant hospital accredited by the International Heart and Lung Association, and the hospital is now a major center for training students in medical and health disciplines at the university.


Recognition of Demiroglu Bilim University

Demiroglu Bilim University in Istanbul is recognized by the Ministry of Higher Education in Turkey, and it has also received recognition from several Arab countries.

It also has a remarkable presence in European and Asian countries and many other foreign countries

Student exchange programs at Demiroglu Bilim University

  • The university is a member of the Erasmus student exchange program, which offers ideal opportunities to study at major European universities for one or two semesters.
  • The university is also a prominent member of many internal student exchange programs with Turkish universities, such as the Farabi and Mevlana programs.

Why do I choose Demiroglu Bilim University?

We always encourage you to choose the university that is the most beneficial to you and which has the advantages that students prefer to pursue their university studies at, and Demiroglu Bilim University has many of these advantages:

  • The university provides an ideal opportunity for practical training in the most prestigious specialized hospitals
  • The university is interested in providing important academic references for conducting scientific research and takes great care in providing the latest equipment and electronic technologies and providing the latest curricula and teaching methods.
  • The studying cost at Demiroglu Bilim University is considered quite acceptable
  • The university has modern student housing, which is equipped with the best comfortable and student services
  • The location of the university, served by transportation and close to the landscape, contributes to the increasing importance of Demiroglu Bilim University.


Register at Demir Istanbul University

To register at Demir University in Istanbul, you need the following documents:


  • A copy of your high school diploma
  • A copy of the high school transcript
  • A copy of your passport
  • Personal Photo
  • Certificate of proficiency in the English language "TOEFL test", if any

Visit the university now:

University website:

Address: Esentepe, Büyükdere Cd. No:120 34394, 34394 Şişli/İstanbul