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Istanbul Topkapi University
Istanbul Topkapi University

Istanbul Topkapi University

Year Founded: 2009
Visits: 633

Global Ranking: 11876

Local Ranking: 186

Initial Price: 1450 $

city: Istanbul

Istanbul Topkapi University relies on the latest modern technology, which is one of the important examples of the development of educational systems in Turkey, as this university provides a distinctive educational environment, parallel to the latest universities in Europe and the world, relying on the strongest teaching academic staff, along with a strong infrastructure.

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About Istanbul Topkapi University
Here are some important preliminary information that you need to know about the university and see some of its main details:

Where is the university located?
The university is located in the Zeytinburnu district of Istanbul, Europe, which is an important transportation node in the city, and has a central vital location close to the tourist areas.

Who founded the university?
The establishment of the university was supervised by the Turkish Plato Foundation, which began its journey as a professional institution in 2009, and consisted of only 4 departments, but since 2016 it has been recognized as a Turkish university by a decision issued by the Presidency of the Council of Ministers in Turkey.

Study language
The university supports both languages:

The most important university institutions
Topkapi University includes the following academic departments:

Economics, Administrative and Social Sciences
Fine art, design and architecture
Graduate Institute
The university also includes the following centers:

German Center for Applications, Research and Studies
A center specialized in immigration policy research
Research Center for Distance Education
Center for Women and Family Research and Studies
Advantages of studying at the university
Studying at Istanbul Topkapi University is an important requirement for several reasons:

A modern university with a strong infrastructure
The classrooms at the university are considered advanced and rely on the latest equipment and tools to help modern education and keep pace with the latest teaching methods
It provides modern scientific laboratories with advanced technologies, laboratories and professional workshops
The privileged geographical location in the heart of the European city of Istanbul
The distinguished external relations of the university, and cooperation protocols with educational and study institutions inside and outside Turkey
A distinguished scientific library that includes thousands of resources to help prepare research and studies
The presence of many facilities dedicated to recreation, which students benefit from to obtain comfort and develop skills and talents, sportingly, intellectually and culturally.
Wide recognition of the university internationally and in Europe.
The university works distinctively on reviving the heritage, integrating the ancient past of Turkey as well as the present and the future
Student exchange programs in Topkapi Istanbul
This university enjoys providing many study exchange programs between its students and students of dozens of local and international universities, according to three prestigious programs, namely:

Erasmus programs for student exchange between European universities, in which several Turkish universities participate as well, as well as more than 600 universities from Turkey and Europe, and this European exchange opportunity includes university study for one or two semesters.
The Turkish Mevlana Program, which includes many Turkish universities and universities from other countries.
The Farabi Program, which is one of the most popular student exchange programs between private and public Turkish universities.
The exchange programs we talked about give an advantage to graduates of Topkapi University in Istanbul, as it is mentioned in the academic certificate that the student attended student exchange programs with other universities.

Contact Fanar to study to register at the university
To register you will need all of the following documents:

A copy of your high school diploma
A copy of the high school transcript
A copy of your passport
Certificate of proficiency in the English language "TOEFL test", if any
Would you like to visit Topkapi University?
If you want to visit the university, here are the following addresses:

University address:
Kazlıçeşme, Prof. Muammer Aksoy Cad. No: 10, 34087 Zeytinburnu/İstanbul