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Sabahattin Zaim University
Sabahattin Zaim University
Sabahattin Zaim University
Sabahattin Zaim University

Sabahattin Zaim University

Year Founded: 2010
Visits: 633

Sabahattin Zaim University in Istanbul is superior to many of its peers in being a distinct leader in the fields of scientific research. It is also classified as one of the best Turkish universities in terms of “academic infrastructure.” The university is interested in consolidating cultural values, providing humanitarian community services, and creating an atmosphere of excellence. among students and qualifying them to enter the labor market vigorously.

Global Ranking: 3647

Local Ranking: 122

Initial Price: $

city: Istanbul

Sabahattin Zaim University

 is an ancient and strong university, and you will enjoy learning about its details and comprehensive information through this report.

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Brief information About Sabahattin Zaim University in Istanbul

Here are the most important details about the university:


Where is Sabahattin Zaim University located?

The university is located in the Kucukcekmece region, specifically in Halkali district in the European side of Istanbul, and this region enjoys a vibrant and attractive renaissance in addition to its location that is well served by transportation.


What are the languages ​​supported at Sabahattin Zaim University?

The university adopts the English language as a primary language for its curricula in addition to the Turkish language, and teaching is available in Arabic for some disciplines.


The number of students in Sabahattin Zaim university

The number of university students exceeds 10,000, and foreign students have a good percentage of them, especially students from Arab countries and the Middle East


Training Programs at Sabahattin Zaim University

Sabahattin Zaim University is one of the prestigious universities that are highly interested in training and qualification programs for students, and the most important points in this subject are:

The university contains several research laboratories, development centers, and food engineering laboratories.

and among the most famous centers of Sabahattin Zaim University are:

  • Istanbul Research Center
  • Center for Studies and Islamic and International Affairs
  • Food Research Center
  • Talented Training Center

The university also has a huge library that contains many scientific and literary references that are essential to thousands of required research papers in various scientific fields. It is also mentioned that the library includes scientific references in more than 15 international languages.


The university also has 33 student clubs for various sports and entertainment activities. The university has a strong sports infrastructure, in terms of sports facilities, stadiums, and various equipment.


Recognitions of Sabahattin Zaim University of Turkey

The university is accredited by the Turkish Ministry of Higher Education and is recognized by several Arab countries, the most important of which is Iraq, and the university has a strong international presence, especially in the European Union countries.


Student exchange programs in Sabahattin Zaim university

The university is a member of the Erasmus student exchange program, which provides ideal opportunities to study at major European universities for one or two semesters.

The university is also considered a prominent member of many internal student exchange programs with Turkish universities.


Why did I choose Sabahattin Zaim University?

This university has many advantages that make it preferable to foreigners wishing to complete their studies in Turkey, especially in Istanbul:


  • The university applies the highest quality standards in teaching and is interested in developing its curricula and keeping up with the latest modern technologies in both theoretical and practical fields.
  • The university provides an ideal atmosphere for scientific research, through its advanced centers and its rich library of international references
  • Sabahattin Zaim University is one of the universities that has managed to excel in a short period over hundreds of international universities and is planning towards globalization by adopting distinguished standards for teaching and training and by building strong partnerships with major and well-known educational institutions worldwide.
  • The university is keen on preparing students to enter the work market, refining their experiences, and developing their skills
  • The university provides integrated student housing equipped with the latest and best services
  • The costs of studying at Sabahattin Zaim University are reasonable, and it also provides many scholarships for foreign students and outstanding students, which relieves them of many financial burdens.
  • The university's location is distinguished by its special vitality and is served by transportation, and its university building is one of the best university buildings in Turkey and it is considered one of the most serving the requirements of university studies.


Register at Sabahattin Zaim Istanbul

To register at Sabahattin Zaim University in Istanbul, you need the following documents:

  • A copy of your high school diploma
  • A copy of the high school transcript
  • A copy of your passport
  • personal photo
  • Certificate of proficiency in the English language "TOEFL test", if any

University location and address:


Address: Halkalı Merkez, Halkalı, 34303 Küçükçekmece/İstanbul