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sabanci university

sabanci university

Year Founded: 1999
Visits: 633

Sabanji University in Istanbul is one of the leading educational institutions, which work to achieve financial and administrative self-sufficiency, distinguished among Turkish universities by learning about the needs and requirements of students from the beginning, to achieving the requirements of the community, and contributes significantly to the development of students, and add more innovations in the fields of scientific, engineering and administrative, through the adoption of many advanced scientific research.

Global Ranking: 9710

Local Ranking: 51

Initial Price: $

city: Istanbul

In this report, we will respond to all inquiries and provide the most important details of Sabanji Istanbul University.

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About Sabanji University in Istanbul
 Here are the most important preliminary information you need to know about the university:

Where Sabanji University is located
 Sabanji University campus is located in Tuzla region at the Asian end of Istanbul

What languages are accredited at Sabangi University?  
 The university adopts English as an official language in study for all university levels 

Number of students in Sabanji Istanbul
 The university has about 40,000 undergraduate students, more than 11,000 graduate students, and more than 15,000 graduates annually.

In all previous ratios, more than 5% of the university's foreign students are students, according to the latest reports from Sabanji Private University.

Of the 5,000 students enrolled at the university last year, 600 are foreign students.

Training programmes at Sabanji Private University
 Sabanji Istanbul University is one of the most distinguished Turkish universities that pay special attention to training activities and qualification programs for students, and one of the most important features of this interest:

Sabanji Istanbul is committed to adopting and constantly developing the latest training curricula, using the latest technology to train students, organize recreational events and artistic and student activities.
The University has 100 laboratories and laboratories in various university disciplines, most notably chemical and physical disciplines, computational laboratories and others.
The University has 8 of the largest and most famous scientific studies and research centers: the Istanbul Center for Nanotechnology Research and Technology, which is well known in Turkey
The university has more than a couple of art and design studios, organizes various art exhibitions and is invited by leading Turkish and international artists.
The University has more than 50 diverse student clubs and organizes approximately 450 diverse events or activities annually.

Student exchange programs in Sabanji Istanbul
Sabanji University has student exchange programs with more than 280 universities around the world, in 53 foreign countries, and the student exchange program includes one or two semesters of study.

Why I choose Sabanji University
The strength of the university's accreditation globally and locally
Located in a lively area close to transportation, the university campus is one of the best university buildings in Turkey.
The university adopts advanced curricula and uses the latest computer technologies within its teaching methods
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A picture of your high school diploma.
A picture of the high school score detector
A picture of your passport
English Proficiency Certificate "Tovel Test" if any
Visit the university

Address: Altunizade, Küçük Çamlıca Mahallesi Şehit Şehit ısmail Moray Sokak No:3 Kısıklı, 34696 Üsküdar/8stanbul