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Yeditepe University
Yeditepe University
Yeditepe University
Yeditepe University

Yeditepe University

Year Founded: 1996
Visits: 633

Yeditepe University in Istanbul is considered one of the oldest universities that seeks to renaissance Turkish society, and aims to raise the cultural level of students, develop their technical and scientific skills in all fields of work, and keep pace with the latest global developments. The university also applies a modern academic system that is compatible with advanced teaching methods based on the latest new technical means, appropriate to the age of technology and distance education.

Global Ranking: 6194

Local Ranking: 46

Initial Price: $

city: Istanbul

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About Yeditepe University in Istanbul
The following is the most important information that those who want to enroll in Istanbul Ydetepe University inquire about:

Where is Yeditepe University located?
The university is located in the "Ataşehir" district on the Asian side of Istanbul, in a beautiful area surrounded by beautiful landscapes, and excellently served by transportation.

What languages ​​are supported at Yeditepe University?
The university relies in its academic programs and curricula both the English and Turkish languages

What is the university ranking?
The number of students in the hands of Teppe Istanbul

The number of students at the university exceeds 30,000, and the university receives hundreds of foreign students every year from several Arab and foreign countries

Training Programs at Yeditepe Private University
Yeditepe Istanbul University includes many centers for scientific research, which provide a unique training environment that greatly benefits students, and the most important of these centers are:

Applied Software Research Center: It is concerned with data science, software development and communication systems.
Medical Research Center: Focuses on dental training activities
Pharmaceutical Research and Application Center
Ophthalmology Research Center
Stem Cell Center
Training and health services laboratory
Strategic Research Laboratory
Entrepreneurship workshop
In general, the university includes about 175 laboratories and training centers next to 46 applied workshops, and the university also has a specialized dental hospital in Istanbul.

It is highly interested in recreational and sports activities, as the university includes two basketball courts, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, a fitness center and many other recreational facilities.

The university has a cinema hall, a film and television training studio, a number of fine restaurants and cafes, and a shopping center.

Confessions of Turkey's Yeditepe University
The university is accredited by the Turkish Ministry of Higher Education and is recognized by the following Arab countries:

To whom
It also has a remarkable international presence and recognition by many institutions concerned with university education, especially in the European Union.

Student exchange programs in my hands
The university has signed more than 700 cooperation agreements with the largest and most famous European and American universities, as well as with well-known universities in both Canada and Russia, and these agreements include student exchange programs.

The university's membership in "Erasmus" provides its students with opportunities to exchange with the most powerful universities in the European Union.

The university has student exchange programs with most Turkish universities, both private and public.

Why do I choose Yeditepe Istanbul University
This university has many advantages that make it at the forefront of options for foreign students wishing to study at university in Turkey:

The university is distinguished by its medical specialties, especially the human medicine and dentistry departments, and it provides a direct training opportunity in the specialized dental hospital of the university.
The campus is very developed and has a strong infrastructure and is considered one of the best university campuses in Turkey
Yeditepe University Istanbul is interested in using the latest computer technologies in the fields of university teaching and training.
The university provides plenty of opportunities to develop students' skills through 44 diverse student clubs
The university provides student housing with the best services, sophisticated and suitable for an ideal university life.
The university's location is lively, served by transportation and easily accessible
The cost of studying at the university is reasonable and inexpensive

Enroll in Yeditepe Istanbul University
To register at Ydetepe University in Istanbul, you need the following documents:

A copy of your high school diploma
A copy of the high school transcript
A copy of your passport
Certificate of proficiency in the English language "TOEFL test", if any
Visit the university:

Address: Kayışdağı, İnönü Mahallesi, Kayışdağı Cd., 34755 Ataşehir/İstanbul