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Yeni Yuzel University
Yeni Yuzel University
Yeni Yuzel University
Yeni Yuzel University
Yeni Yuzel University

Yeni Yuzel University

Year Founded: 2009
Visits: 633

Yeni Yüzel University in Istanbul is one of the most prestigious universities that supports young people and greatly develops their scientific and cultural skills. It is also characterized by attracting scholars and influencers around the world to inspire its students and refine their experiences. It is distinguished by its diverse medical specialties. The number of medical specialties at Yeni Yuzel University has reached about 23, and it provides full equipment and modern technical methods to complete the stages of university studies with perfection and to enrich students with strong scientific material.

Global Ranking: 7665

Local Ranking: 158

Initial Price: $

city: Istanbul

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About Yeni Yuzil University in Istanbul
The following is the most important preliminary information that you need to know about the university:

Where is Yeni Yuzel University located
The university is located in the European city of Istanbul and has two campuses:

The first campus in Topkapi district
The second campus in Oglu Bay
What languages ​​are supported at Yeni Yuzil University?
The university adopts the Turkish and English languages ​​for its university curricula

Number of Students in Yeni Yuzil Istanbul
The number of students at the university is about 8000 students, and a good percentage of them are of various foreign and Arab nationalities

Internship Programs at Yeni Yuzil Private University
The university pays great attention to the practical and applied training of the curricula, and the forms of this interest in the training field are:

Yeni Yüzel University has 3 large scientific laboratories as well as 3 vocational training schools
Most of the training equipment, health, science and computer laboratories, and imaging laboratories are located on the "Top Kapi" campus.
The University's Dental Hospital is affiliated to the Bayoglu Bay Campus
The university owns a training center for medical university specializations, which amount to about 23 specialties.
Confessions of Yeni Yuzil University of Turkey
The university is accredited by the Turkish Ministry of Higher Education, the United States of America and a number of countries and is recognized by the following Arab countries:

To whom
Student exchange programs in Yeni Yuzel
The university provides its students and faculty with student exchange programs with about 46 countries, most of which are in Europe, by joining the Erasmus International Student Exchange Program.

The university also has "good faith" training programs with several European countries, and almost every year the number of universities that sign partnership and exchange agreements with Turkey's Yeni Yuzel increases.

Why do I choose Yeni Yuzel University
Yeni Yüzel Private University has several reasons that make it at the forefront of the preferred options for foreign students in Turkey, the most important of which are:

The university relies on modern technologies in its curricula, and is characterized by the quality of its laboratories and applied equipment that help in a unique learning experience in it.
The university has a prestigious position in the teaching of medical specialties
The university has made clear progress in its ranking in front of Turkish and international universities
The opportunities available for student exchange at the university are considered strong, especially since partnership agreements between the university and other universities are increasing year after year.
The university is characterized by its vital location and close to the center of Istanbul
The cost of studying at Yeni Yüzel University is considered moderate
Enroll in Yeni Yuzil University Istanbul
To register at Yeni Yüzel University in Istanbul, you need the following documents:

A copy of your high school diploma
A copy of the high school transcript
A copy of your passport
Certificate of proficiency in the English language "TOEFL test", if any
To visit the university:

Address: Maltepe, Caddesi, Yılanlı Ayazma Yolu No:26, 34010 Zeytinburnu/İstanbul