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Universities costs to study Computer engineering with thesis

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Study Computer engineering with thesis in Turkey

Recently, a master's degree in computer engineering with a thesis in Turkey has become a high scientific rank that many students seek and harness all their capabilities in order to reach it, especially since we are at the heart of the era of technology and rapid technical developments, and in this context, we have devoted this article to talk about studying a master's degree in engineering Computer with a thesis in Turkish universities, with the most important information about it, the conditions for admission to the master’s degree and the package of advantages expected for each student, so that we have answered the questions that baffle every computer engineer who aspires to obtain a master’s degree in his specialty.
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An overview of the Master's in Computer Engineering with thesis in Turkey
The study of computer engineering is one of the most successful options at the university level, and the master’s study depends on the development of technical systems and their employment in the social and economic fields. The labor market, and given how to study a master’s degree in computer engineering and the future fields of work in it, it is as follows..
Language and number of years of study in the Master of Computer Engineering with thesis

You can study the Master of Computer Engineering in Turkish universities by choosing one of the two languages, either the mother tongue, which is Turkish, or the English language.
Job opportunities available for holders of a master’s degree in computer engineering
Software and website development
Work as a Software and Communications Engineer
Entering the field of cyber security
Designing computer games and modern applications
Work in a government job and data analysis
Entering the academic corps and teaching scientific courses in the field of computer engineering.

The conditions required to study computer engineering with a thesis in universities in Turkey

Before getting into the details, we must first clarify the concept of a master’s study with a thesis. What does the thesis mean here?
When choosing a master’s study pattern with a thesis, this requires a scientific thesis called a “thesis” in the field of computer engineering, and it needs huge research and studies to reach accurate conclusions in a specific topic, and back to the conditions for studying a master’s in computer engineering, they are as follows:

The original Bachelor's degree or certified copies of it in some cases
Transcripts for the years of studying computer engineering
Personal photos and a copy of the passport
Residence document proving the student's presence in Turkey

There are additional requirements that some universities may request from the student applying to study for a master’s degree, which are:

English or Turkish language proficiency certificate
The original high school certificate
CV of the applicant
Other documents may be required in some universities, you can inquire about them by contacting Fanar Study Company.

Advantages of a master's degree in computer engineering with a thesis in universities in Turkey

When you study for a master's in computer engineering in Turkey, you have thus obtained a unique opportunity, because Turkey is one of the first countries that pays great attention to computer engineering, as its universities have many advantages, including:

The educational programs in the study plan for the master’s degree in computer engineering are among the most powerful educational programs in the world, as they follow all the conditions and standards set by the European Educational Quality Authority, to rise to the most prestigious universities in the world.
Turkish universities provide a training environment within computer engineering faculties to ensure that students have all the professional skills and practical experience they need in the future
Harnessing specialists and expert professors who possess professional knowledge and skills that distinguish them from their peers, through sufficient knowledge of what is happening in the world of technology and digitization, moment by moment, and transferring their entire scientific outcome to Turkish university students.
Turkish universities give an opportunity for every master student to innovate and develop distinct technological systems and programs, which raise the level of quality of services in any of the sectors that bring benefit to the country and benefit.
Equipped laboratories and research centers are allocated equipped with the latest technologies and tools that require the master's student to implement his research and obtain correct results during it.
An interactive scientific environment enjoyed by all Turkish universities, especially in the Faculty of Computer Engineering, where scientific seminars and local competitions are constantly held to encourage students to innovate and invent in various fields of technology.

Prices for studying a master’s degree in computer engineering with a thesis in Turkish universities

The issue of study costs and annual premiums is subject to changes periodically due to several factors, including:

The location of the university, especially if it is in major cities such as Istanbul or Ankara
The strength of the university and its local and international ranking
Additional services that distinguish the university from others
Obtaining grants or discounts announced by the university at times
However, we will mention to you the approximate cost of consulting it, which ranges between 4000-10,000 dollars, and as we mentioned, these prices can vary greatly, increasing or decreasing, and Al-Fanar Company can inform you of the exact price for each university and specialization when communicating with it.

Let's get to the end of our article in which we got acquainted with the Master of Computer Engineering with a thesis in the universities of Turkey, and its most important features and conditions for applying to it. If you are wondering about other things that we did not mention, you can contact Fanar to study directly to provide you with all the details

Advantages of studying Computer engineering with thesis in Turkey

What are the conditions for studying a Computer engineering with thesis in Turkey

Study conditions Computer engineering with thesis in private universities in Turkey. You must have a high school diploma 50% at least.
Having a TOEFL certificate or its equivalent to study in the English language. The presence of a Tomer certificate or its equivalent to study in the Turkish language