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istanbul ticaret university
istanbul ticaret university
istanbul ticaret university
istanbul ticaret university

istanbul ticaret university

Year Founded: 2001
Visits: 633

Istanbul Business University has set out to achieve a lofty goal of reaching a global ranking, characterized by the fact that it is one of the universities that pay attention to the qualification of students and strengthen their skills and training them to enter the labor market, and has relied to achieve this on well-thought-out academic plans, strong curricula, strong infrastructure, as well as making the most of modern technical equipment, and employing technology in the service of science.

Global Ranking: 3583

Local Ranking: 120

Initial Price: 3000 $

city: Istanbul

A distinguished university awaits you a lot of details about it in this report, it is istanbul business university the difficult figure in the world of Turkish universities

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About Istanbul Business University
 Here are some important and basic information you need to know about this university:

Where is Istanbul Commercial University located
The university has several university campuses between the Asian and European sections of Istanbul:

The first campus in the Escodar region
The second campus in the Kochuk Yali area
Third campus in The Sotluja region
4th Campus in Aminono Region
What languages are adopted in Istanbul? 
 The University adopts both Turkish and English in its curriculum for all undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

Number of students at the Commercial University
 The university's student population has exceeded the threshold of 8,500 students, having started its first academic year two decades ago with only 73 students.

Foreigners have a good percentage of students, and the university is interested in attracting more foreign and Arab students from different countries, and currently attracts students from 70 countries around the world.

Training and entertainment programs at Istanbul Commercial University
Istanbul Business University is interested in implementing the latest training programs to ensure a successful application experience for its students in various fields of study within the university, and one of the most important points to note with regard to the university's training programs:

The university has more than 30 centers for scientific and applied research distributed across all its campuses, covering the entire university disciplines. 
The university organizes a number of different student events, both culturally and scientifically, organizes various seminars, and attends art and theatre exhibitions in the presence of leading Turkish artists.
The university has a number of modern health centers and provides many medical and training services, as well as emergency rooms and a specialized medical team.

Confessions of the Commercial University of Istanbul                             
The University is accredited by the Turkish Ministry of Higher Education and is recognized by the following Arab countries: