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Beykent University
Beykent University
Beykent University
Beykent University

Beykent University

Year Founded: 1997
Visits: 633

Beykent University is considered one of the advanced universities known for its strong curricula and infrastructure. This university was established for purpose of achieving a superior educational goal, which is to establish a city of science and knowledge. It also aims to train students to use modern technologies in practical life and to serve the community in various fields

Global Ranking: 2480

Local Ranking: 74

Initial Price: 2950 $

city: Istanbul

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 Brief information About Beykent University in Istanbul

Here is some important information about the university that is necessary for students who want to enroll in:

Where is Beykent University located?

All campuses of this university are on the European side of Istanbul, and they are as follows:

  • Campus in Maslak
  • Campus in Beylikduzu
  • Campus in Hademkoy
  • Campus in Taksim

What are the languages ​​supported at Beykent University?

The university adopts the Turkish language, in addition to the English language, and some other languages ​​for certain curricula, such as the Russian language.

Number of Students in Beykent Istanbul

Beykent University has more than 29,000 students, including about 900 foreign students

Internship Programs at Beykent University

  • Beykent possesses many of the elements of applied science and modern research, where it excels in this aspect in terms of the quality and capabilities of scientific research.


  • Beykent University includes 12 scientific research centers, where students are trained to enter the labor market more confidently.
  • The university is also taken great attention to the entertainment aspect, especially "sports", where the university has a swimming pool, a fitness club, playgrounds, a martial arts studio, and other various gyms.
  • The university owns 86 student clubs with various activities.
  • The university also owns a television station and a radio station
  • The university also has a large library, and it has a website that is considered a scientific encyclopedia, and it provides thousands of articles and recent scientific publications, which are considered an important source for student research.
  • The university also has a job center
  • The university also has a huge multi-service computer center



Recognitions of Beykent University

The university is accredited by the Turkish Ministry of Higher Education and is recognized by several European and Arab countries and has strong partnerships with major universities in the Middle East and the European continent.

Student exchange programs in Beykent Istanbul

  • Beykent University has participated in several student exchange agreements with Arab universities, the most famous of which are:


  • Socrates Program
  • Erasmus Program
  • The university also participates in student exchange programs with several countries with a strong educational reputation, such as:


  • Australia
  • Switzerland
  • Britain
  • Canada
  • The United States of America


Why choose Beyknet University

Choosing Beykent University in Turkey to complete your university studies has several distinctive advantages, the most important of which are:


  • The university has a distinguished teaching staff, as it is keen to select its teachers very carefully, where the academic cadre includes foreign teachers coming from 40 countries of the world, including those who worked in North America and the European continent.
  • and it is mentioned in this context that the Turkish Professor “Ahmed Davutoglu” was one of the most prominent teaching staff at the university.
  • The educational program at the university stimulates constructive communication and continuous and beneficial discussion between faculty and students
  • The university helps its students to acquire the skills required to compete more strongly in the labor market after their graduation, and the ability to find suitable jobs for them
  • The university organizes seminars and interviews between employers, university students, and job seekers
  • The locations chosen for the campuses addresses are all vital, in strategic areas, served by transportation, and easily reachable
  • The studying costs at Beykent University are acceptable, inexpensive, and suitable for foreign families residing in Istanbul


Register at Beykent University Istanbul

To register at Beykent University in Istanbul, you need the following documents:


  • A copy of your high school diploma
  • A copy of the high school transcript
  • A copy of your passport
  • Personal Photo
  • Certificate of proficiency in the English language "TOEFL test", if any

Would you like to visit the university?

Its website:


Address: Ayazağa, Hadım Koruyolu Cd. No:19, 34398 Sarıyer/İstanbul