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Istanbul Bilgi University
Istanbul Bilgi University
Istanbul Bilgi University

Istanbul Bilgi University

Year Founded: 1996
Visits: 633

Istanbul Bilgi University is one of the distinguished modern universities that has a long history of giving and excellence in the fields of science, and the university has managed to form a network of strong relations with major international higher education institutions and has made qualitative leaps in the field of developing teaching methods, along with various fields of scientific research

Global Ranking: 3191

Local Ranking: 20

Initial Price: 6600 $

city: Istanbul

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Brief information about Istanbul Bilgi University

The following is the most important preliminary information that you need to know about the university:


Where is Istanbul Bilgi University located?

The university is located in Istanbul, the European side, and has 4 distinct campuses distributed in the most prestigious district of Istanbul:

  • The main campus in the Eyup Sultan district
  • Kuştepe First Campus - Sisli District
  • Kustape II Campus - Sisli District
  • Dolapdere Campus - Beyoğlu District

What are the languages ​​supported at Istanbul Bilgi University?

The university adopts both the Turkish and English languages ​​in its undergraduate majors, from bachelor's to doctorate


Number of Students at Istanbul Bilgi University

The number of graduates from Bilgi University has reached about 30 thousand students, and it receives annually more than 5000 new students. It has allocated 371 university seats to foreign students annually

Training Programs at Istanbul Bilgi University

  • The university has one of the largest centers for talent management, to support and encourage the university students, where students have regular training courses, each in their specialization, within the mandatory applied curriculum at the university, which includes approximately 150 various training programs to develop skills


  • In addition to the compulsory applied training within the university, Bilgi University has a center for employment and voluntary training, which helps prepare students to enter professional life, providing them with suitable job opportunities, along with supporting them through various training activities that develop their skills and gain them more experience.


The most important recognitions and memberships of Istanbul Bilgi University

 is the university is recognized by all of the following:


  • European Universities Association (EUA)
  • British Foundation Pearson
  • Association for the Evaluation and Accreditation of Engineering Training Programs (MÜDEK)
  • Foundation for Teaching Quality Accreditation (FEDEK)
  • Turkish Psychologists Association Türk Psikologlar Derneği Akreditasyon
  • International Family Therapy Association (IFTA)
  • Turkish Psychological Association (TDA)
  • The university is considered a member of all previous institutions and accreditations


It is also Istanbul Bilgi University is recognized by the following Arab countries:


  • Yemen
  • Sultanate of Oman
  • Sudan
  • Syrian
  • Libya
  • Egypt
  • Lebanon
  • Palestine
  • Jordan


Student exchange programs at Istanbul Bilgi University

Because of the advanced position of Istanbul Bilgi University, it has close contact with many international universities for purpose of increasing the quality of scientific research, implementing student exchange programs, and exchanging faculty.


  • The most important of these partnerships is with the "Laureate " educational group, which is one of the largest companies concerned with higher education internationally.
  • The university also participates in Erasmus student exchange programs, and it is considered the most Turkish university benefitting from this program.
  • It has signed nearly 250 exchange agreements with foreign universities in more than 33 foreign countries.
  • Furthermore, the universities have a distinguished student exchange program with American, Canadian, Russian, Chinese, South Korean, and Japanese universities on a large scale.
  • Also, there are student exchange programs with Swiss universities for one or two semesters.


Other information about the university

  • The university holds one of the best accreditations for the quality of education in the English language in the world
  • Istanbul Bilgi University is working on expanding its international recognition and obtaining memberships in the most prestigious international educational institutions
  • The university has a guidance office for international students to help them adapt to their new university life and provides many services for them.
  • The university has one of the richest libraries with distinguished books, magazines, scientific and literary resources within the university campus.
  • the university campus includes "The Electric Museum", which is one of the most famous Turkish museums that talks about electrical technologies during the Ottoman Empire era
  • The university also has many halls and laboratories equipped with the latest tools and technologies for applied training, such as the legal courtroom, architecture workshops, and health care laboratories.
  • The university organizes annually more than 100 student clubs within the various entertainment activities of the university
  • The university is a pioneer in teaching engineering disciplines in English
  • Istanbul Bilgi University is one of the universities that have received Nobel Prizes.



Why choose Istanbul Bilgi University

Bilgi University has many reasons that make it at the forefront of the options offered to foreign students in Turkey, the most important of which are:


  • The university adopting the latest educational technologies
  • The curricula followed at the university are among the strongest educational curricula, especially in the English language
  • The university has received distinguished international accreditations in many fields
  • The university is interested in training students to enter the work environment and develop their skills and experience in a direct practical manner
  • This university is considered at the forefront of Turkish universities and has strong recognition in many countries of the world
  • The student exchange programs applied at the university are among the strongest, and they are cooperating with very prestigious international universities
  • The university is interested in applying the principle of "learning by doing"
  • The university's distinct location, in the heart of European Istanbul
  • University costs in Istanbul Bilgi are suitable for foreign students



Register at Istanbul Bilgi University

To register at Istanbul Bilgi University, you need the following documents:


  • A copy of your high school diploma
  • A copy of the high school transcript
  • A copy of your passport
  • Personal Photograph
  • Certificate of proficiency in the English language "TOEFL test", if any

Visit the university:

  • Website:
  • Address: Emniyettepe Mahallesi, Kazım Karabekir Cd. No:13 D:2, 34060 Eyüpsultan/İstanbul