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istanbul okan Unıversity
istanbul okan Unıversity
istanbul okan Unıversity
istanbul okan Unıversity

istanbul okan Unıversity

Year Founded: 1999
Visits: 633

Istanbul Okan University is one of the most advanced private Turkish universities, which is interested in preparing future scientists, developing students' skills and experience at the theoretical and applied levels, and is one of the universities looking to gain global status among the largest universities around the world, and is interested in increasing the practice of the best standards of education and training in its ranks, and is concerned with encouraging its students to assume their social responsibility and develop their awareness towards many of their nation's economic, environmental and intellectual issues.

Global Ranking: 1893

Local Ranking: 108

Initial Price: 3500 $

city: Istanbul

Okan University is one of the newest and most active Turkish universities in Turkey and was founded in 1999 by the Okan Foundation for Culture, Education and Sports and began its academic life in 2003-2004.

About Istanbul Okan University
 Here are the most important preliminary information you need to know about the university:

Where O'Kane University is located
 The main branch of Istanbul Okan Private University is located in the Asian section of Istanbul, specifically in the Tuzla region, and includes three university campuses:

The main campus in Tuzla
Majidiyeh Koi Campus
Kadikoy Campus
What languages are accredited at Okan University in Istanbul?
 The University adopts both Turkish and English in its teaching curricula and various training activities.

Number of students at Istanbul Okan University
 Of the more than 23,000 students at the university each year, Istanbul Okan hosts more than 2,700 foreign students from many countries around the world, particularly the Middle East.

Training programs at Okan University
 Istanbul Okan University has many research and training centers that benefit students in practical applications of many different university disciplines, the most important of which are:

European Union Research Center
Computer Research and Applications Center
Center for Research and Cultural Studies
Mohamed Younis International Center, a quality study centre in Turkey that is interested in finance studies and social activities
Confucius Institute: Training of Translation Students from Chinese to Turkish
Culinary Arts Center
Centre for Lifelong Education
Multiple foreign language centres

The most important confessions and memberships of Istanbul Okan University
The university is recognized by all of the following:

CEA Accreditation Committee
EuRAS European University Federation
MUDEK Engineering Evaluation Foundation
The University is a member of each of the above-mentioned institutions

Student exchange programs in Okan Istanbul
Istanbul Okan University has student exchange and cooperation programs with several universities in many countries such as China, Mexico, Russia, South Korea, Egypt and several other countries.

Other information about the university
Istanbul Okan University has several hospitals for human medicine and dentistry, which benefit students in hands-on training during school years
The university is characterized by signing contracts with Turkish airlines, which provides practical applications directly to civil aviation specialties
English is the mother tongue of the university as well as Turkish, and teaches some specialties in other languages such as Arabic, Russian and Chinese.
The University evaluates many student activities and events that enhance students' skills and develop their talents and contribute to enhancing their scientific and applied abilities and competencies in addition to taking care of the recreational aspect

Sign up for Istanbul Okan University
You need to register at Okan University in Istanbul for each of the following documents:

A picture of your high school diploma.
A picture of the high school score detector
A picture of your passport
English Proficiency Certificate "Tovel Test" if any
Have you visited Okan University?
University address: Tepeören Mahallesi Tuzla Kampüsü, 8stanbul Okan Üniversitesi, 34959 Tuzla/8stanbul

University website: