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Lokman Hakim University in Ankara
Lokman Hakim University in Ankara
Lokman Hakim University in Ankara

Lokman Hakim University in Ankara

Year Founded: 2018
Visits: 633

سنطلعكم في هذا المقال على جامعة لقمان حكيم في أنقرة إحدى أهم الجامعات في العاصمة التركية، نعرفكم على المعلومات الأولية عنها، وأهم تخصصات الدراسة فيها، وكيفية التسجيل، ومميزات الدراسة والعديد من التفاصيل الأخرى التي تهم الطلاب الراغبين بالدراسة الجامعية فيها.

Global Ranking: 8171

Local Ranking: 171

Initial Price: 2750 $

city: Ankara

 In this article, we will inform you about Lokman Hakim University in Ankara, one of the most important universities in the Turkish capital. We will inform you about the initial information about it, the most important majors of study in it, how to register, the advantages of studying and many other details of interest to students wishing to study there.

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Learn about the Turkish University of Lokman Hakim
Check with us the most important initial information about Lukman University in Ankara:

Where is the university located?
The university is located in the center of Ankara, the "Turkish capital", specifically in the Cankaya district.

university infrastructure?
This university has a distinguished and strong infrastructure, which includes:

5 university colleges

13 training centers

7 hospitals

Numerous student clubs and unions and various recreational facilities

When was it established?
The university began its first academic year in 2018, and it was established under the supervision of the non-governmental SEVGİ Foundation, which is one of the recognized educational institutions in Turkey that has been active in this field since 1978.

Advantages of studying university in Lukman Hakim
Lokman Hakim University in Ankara has many advantages that can be summarized in the following points:

This university adopts modern curricula that keep pace with the latest international curricula, whether theoretical or applied
It also has a group of the strongest academic teachers with high experience and competence in the relevant fields of teaching, and they have proven their real worth since the establishment of the university until today in preparing an empowered and strong generation capable of creativity and distinction over its peers.
The university works to secure ideal opportunities for advanced scientific research using the latest technology
It is concerned with developing the skills and experiences of students, and qualifying them in the manner required for creativity in the labor markets, locally and globally
Its halls are equipped with the latest technologically advanced teaching aids.
Its laboratories are equipped with the latest technical and scientific tools and equipment that contribute to the completion of scientific experiments and related activities with very high quality.
The university provides a suitable environment for scientific research through its large library, which includes a very wide range of valuable scientific references
The university also organizes a number of scientific and recreational student activities throughout the year.
The university gives an opportunity to study a double major, whereby a student at Luqman Al-Hakim University can choose a second major in addition to his main major, and study it.
Due to the university's keen interest in the medical field and qualifying its students to be among the pioneers in the various medical fields, we have decided to dedicate a special paragraph to this feature, because we cannot mention it among the advantages as a passing point, so follow with us to learn more about the interest of Lukman University in the specialty of medicine.

This university gives special priority to the study of medicine
Lokman Al-Hakim University was established to meet the needs of the health sector in Turkey and to promote a healthy culture. It is very popular among foreign students seeking to study medicine and other health sciences in Turkey.

The university includes its medical group consisting of 7 hospitals, and it is equipped with the latest equipment, medical needs, and the best human medical cadres, with the aim of providing a high-level training environment for students and adopting the hospitals affiliated to the university as a distinguished training center.

Lokman Al-Hakim University seeks to develop the health reality at the level of the individual and society by relying on the values and ethics of education and transferring this through a university student culture.

Lokman Hakim University is keen to train specialists who can blend their knowledge and skills in the medical fields with modern developments, to provide comprehensive and high-quality health services at the local and international levels.

To achieve this goal, the university provides a strong academic staff with skill and experience in the medical field, and a university hospital that gives students the opportunity to do applied practice, research and training using advanced equipment, in addition to equipping laboratories and modern laboratories for medical specialties.

The seven hospitals affiliated with the university are:

Erbil Diagnostics and Imaging
LHU Ankara
LHU Sogotozo
In addition to the Demet Medical Center, which represents a live training environment in which students of medicine, pharmacy, dentistry and other disciplines can practice training activities directly and professionally.