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Study Master in Sports Science without thesis in Turkey

Do you love sports and the perfect body? Do you want to study a master’s degree in sports sciences without or with a thesis at one of the most prestigious Turkish universities?
Are you wondering about the conditions for studying this specialty, its advantages and prices?
All the answers to these questions and more, we at Al-Fanar Study have gathered them for you in one article to become a guide that helps you and paves the way for you to study at university. Follow us to find out the details.
An overview of studying a master's degree in sports science without a thesis
Reaching a master’s degree in sports sciences requires a bachelor’s graduate who loves sports to a great degree, and this trait is the backbone of completing the study in this specialty, because it requires patience, high endurance and a huge theoretical study, which includes health information and the basics of first aid necessary for every athlete, along with Anatomy, sports sociology, public relations in sports, quality management in sports, and other courses that the student must pass, and there is no doubt that the student who loves exercise and its hardship will overcome the difficulty of theoretical information and be able to study it, and Turkey is one of the world's advanced countries in sports disciplines and encourages Studying a Bachelor and Master of Sports Science in its universities, as it provides comprehensive jobs for all its graduates in high-profile sports facilities. Here are some basic information for studying a Master of Sports Science without a thesis.

Language and number of years of study for the Master of Sports Science
There are universities that teach a master's degree in sports sciences in English and other universities that teach in Turkish, and a few universities that combine both languages ​​as well.
It is worth noting that the system of studying the Master of Sports Science without a thesis does not require writing a scientific thesis in the last semester, due to the hardship that the thesis requires and a great effort in searching for information and collecting questionnaires to obtain accurate results.
As for the number of years of study, in the vast majority, four semesters are allocated to the Master of Sports Science, ie two academic years, and there are cases where the Sports Science major is associated with high schools or intermediate institutes, where the Master’s study is available within one year.

Job opportunities for a Master of Sports Science graduate
There are many jobs and professions that promise a prosperous future for graduates of the Master of Sports Science, and as we mentioned, the Turkish government is obligated to secure job opportunities for all graduates of this major, including:
Work in sports training within sports clubs and centers
Sports marketing for sports equipment and supplies
Management of large sports facilities
Work as a technical director for sports at the local and international levels
Obtaining a job that will discover sports talents in educational institutions and qualify them for the annual sports leagues.
Supervising sports teams and encouraging team spirit
Teaching physical education in schools and sports awareness
Work in the field of sports media and audio commentary on matches

The conditions required to study a Master of Sports Science in Turkish universities
We can say that the student’s admission requirements for the Master of Sports Science differ from 99% of the admission requirements for the Master of other theoretical scientific disciplines.

Paper registration requirements
The original bachelor’s degree certificate attested by the Ministry of Education. Some universities may also require a minimum average of 55% to enroll in the Master of Sports Science. Contact Al-Fanar Company to find out the correct rates.
Transcripts for the four academic years of the Bachelor's
A copy of the passport and personal identification
Several mini personal photos and a statement of residence on Turkish territory
It is preferable to have a certificate of proficiency in one of the English or Turkish languages, or a copy thereof

Sports Registration Terms
Proof of a specific level of physical fitness through specialized tests
Have a spirit of cooperation and work within a team and show mutual respect for all ideas, experiences and cultures in it
Documenting the skills of using sports educational techniques and positive orientation
Prove to use communication skills effectively and enhance them in professional sports life with a sense of competition and a passion for reaching the best

Advantages of a Master in Sports Science without a thesis in Turkish universities
There are many positives and advantages when talking about studying a master’s degree in sports sciences in Turkish universities, which pay great attention to sports, and the most important advantages are:
Providing high-quality educational curricula that will benefit students in the future by gaining the ability to create their own sports programs
Innovating the best educational methods and methods to teach strength, flexibility, speed and raise endurance by cultivating the spirit of competition among students
Attaching sports information to a lot of interesting and useful scientific courses about the human body, energy, healthy nutrition and other things that make the graduate aware of all the details that every athlete needs.
Most faculties of sports sciences provide their students with a huge amount of professional sports information that prevents them from making mistakes or health injuries later.
Providing an ideal learning environment by providing large areas for the establishment of sports fields for various types of mathematics, to train students in a realistic manner and to integrate professional life with scientific life

Prices for studying a Master of Sports Science in Turkey
Study costs in the Master of Sports Science depend on a number of things that change according to the university that the student wishes to join, and these things include:
The local and international ranking of the university and its location
The sports training courses offered by the university and their intensity
Partial or total grants or discounts that you offer at certain times
Additional services that the student receives, such as sports equipment and equipment

Advantages of studying Master in Sports Science without thesis in Turkey

What are the conditions for studying a Master in Sports Science without thesis in Turkey

Study conditions Master in Sports Science without thesis in private universities in Turkey. You must have a high school diploma 50% at least.
Having a TOEFL certificate or its equivalent to study in the English language. The presence of a Tomer certificate or its equivalent to study in the Turkish language